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    Regarding getting revenue.

    I want to submit an article in this websites. Is it possible that I will earn revenue by writing and submitting articles? Is there any minimum or maximum words on writing articles?
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    Anirban Roy,

    Welcome to ISC. You have come to the right place to post your articles. But before that, do read all the posting guidelines. You can definitely earn revenues but earning should not be the only concern. The quality of your article and adherence to posting guidelines are essential to earn some revenues. Read the Help Topics where you will get a lot of ideas and many of your doubts will be automatically cleared. Also, read the Forum Posting Guidelines so that you can understand what is permissible and what is not. This is a strictly moderated site and any deviation from the posting guidelines are not allowed. It is not something like you will post today and start earning from tomorrow. It will take a little time. Before doing that, read a couple of articles published on this website to get some idea. Go ahead and I wish you all the best.


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    Hi Anirban, you are most welcome to post articles on this website. By posting articles here, you can definitely earn some money. The money that you earn will entirely depend upon the quality of the article. There is a minimum word for writing an article. It should not be less than 500, but preferably above 1000 words. There is in fact, no limit for the maximum words. But before posting an article, as suggested by Sankalan above, you should go through the posting guidelines and the help topics. That will immensely help you in getting an idea of how to post content here. You may also refer to some of the articles that have been posted by our members by visiting the article section. Additionally, you may go through this post on how we are transforming ourselves into a true academic portal. As such, for earning revenue, you have to see that your articles are on education, courses, admissions, exams, colleges and the like. It is also suggested that you regularly take part in the discussions in the forum. It will help you get a broader outlook of this educational website and you will get to know of the various other ways through which you can earn revenue here. To begin with, you can go through this post, Guide for new members, which speaks of the various channels to make money from this site.

    Looking forward to your future participation.

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    Welcome to this fantastic learning site ISC. If you want to post in the articles section you should understand the rules and regulation completely. I suggest you go through the links given by Sankalan in the above post in addition to those links you can also go through the following links also
    1. A comprehensive guide for new members.
    2. India Study Channel Article Section Posting Guidelines
    They will give you a good understanding of all the points to be followed when you post on this site. I wish you all the best.

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    You are standing on the right platform where you can submit your articles and earn cash credits. You are sure to earn some cash for your good article writing efforts. Please follow all the guides line as mentioned by my predecessors in this thread.

    You are sure to earn not less than twenty rupees for an article of A4 size. The subject should be concerning education.

    I am sorry, you won't get cash for your story.

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    Anirban Roy,

    Welcome to our family. We are glad you wish to contribute content through articles and, yes, indeed, you can earn. The earnings will initially be through cash credits, which get converted to actual cash that is credited to your bank account on being eligible for payment (the eligible payees are announced by the Webmasters each month). Additional earnings come on getting into the coveted top-20 list of members. It is a coveted list because these members are eligible to get a share from the revenue that the site makes. The amount is called a revenue share bonus. The third way of earning is through getting approval from Google for earnings through their ad units. This is called the Google AdSense Revenue Sharing program. It is a sharing program because the admin. of the site keeps a small percentage of the revenue generated through the ads at the pages where you contribute, but the lion's share of it is for you.

    Other ways of earning from your contributions are participating in the various reward programs, including contests, and through consistent quality content becoming eligible for various awards. Please go through the helpful links that have been provided in the earlier responses and don't miss out on the red-pinned threads at the top of the forum. Make the most of your time spent usefully here, learn, and earn.

    Any doubts about anything at all, no matter how inconsequential you may think it may be, don't hesitate to raise a query in the forum to seek guidance. Best wishes for getting a part-time income working from home!

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