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    Life has lost its charm these days.

    No going out. Spending all 24 hours in the house only. The only association is with the virtual world. It is monotonous. When I open wardrobe the dresses inside are questioning why they are not being used. When I go to my desk the briefcase is asking why I am not taking it out. When I open the shoe stand, shoes are looking at me with a dusty face. When I go near the car it says if you are not starting the engine, I will not allow the engine to start when you want it. I have no answers for their questions.

    No eating out, no movies, no get together, no functions. I feel life has lost its charm these days. How long is the wait? God only knows. Can anyone suggest some good activity which will keep us active during this period?
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    It's true that life has become monotonous. But we need to find out a flavour somehow. You have to find out those activities that you have planned earlier to finish but couldn't because of your busy schedule. It may be about cooking a new dish or learning music or even reading some books. It may be enjoying a couple of movies too. Think about those activities, get some new ideas on how to cope up with the present situation. We all are facing the difficulties but we need to add some flavour to it. You may try one thing. If you are not working from your home, stop all your online activities for a couple of days and think of offline activities only. See whether that can make any difference.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    At this juncture, you should be creative. Take bath thrice a day. Wear three dresses a day. Keep arranging your suitcases once in a week. Sit inside your car; start it; run for a few minutes; take it out from the garage and drive it for a few meters; give her a weekly bath.
    This is the time for saving everything. No hotel food expenditure. No textile expenditure. No fuel expenditure. Save it now, and spend it next year.

    No life without Sun

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    We will have to change some life style so as to avoid the monotonous of life. Being confined to home and gluing over TV for a longer duration sometimes become boring. I have explored certain habits which will provide both mental satisfaction and recreation simultaneously. The latest inclination I have noticed is cooking. After a long stretch, I has been back to the kitchen with some vegetarian dishes. Though, I was little hesitant in taking up the kitchen job, but my wife was rather pleased with the way I made the dishes. I am rather thankful for her encouragement.

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    Resentment and helplessness happens when we are compelled to follow severe restrictions. Many of our usual getaways and entertainments and interaction are now blocked. It is really a very difficult situation. We have to somehow 'pull on' till things get back to normal.
    Personally I did not get affected much because my life style was almost moderate and restricted earlier also. We generally do not go for movies; we do not go for eating out unless we are travelling or reaching back late. We do not socialise by partying or making frequent visits to friends and relatives or frequently visiting temples etc.
    But as normal movement outside is itself restricted, we feel some discomfort because going to a nearby shop itself appeared a big task. The visit to ban, post office, vegetable shops grocery shops, everything has to be curtailed to the bare minimum.. We cannot go t a doctor or hospital for some routine seasonal change illnesses or some general issues like earlier. That is what I feel the most affecting. So some of the planned routine check up for eyes, dental etc is all now deferred. We have to live with age-related wear and tear discomforts now as we cannot visit doctor or hospital so freely.
    Of course there were many things planned, many family matters, and many invitations from friends and relatives functions, which all got blocked for now. A few travel plans were there. All those got stuck. On certain matters we have lost some valuable time also. To rebuild those thugs will need much effort.

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    Present experiences are better proclaimed by the author here. One option is, it is said that we have to change the looks of our homes once in a while. So, you can change their directions, angles to give you better satisfaction. Whichever profession or business we were doing earlier should be continued regularly, if not we may lose the habit. You can wear your dresses to predict it like a drama, present your office situations at least once in a while to your family members or in front of the mirror just like a film else you may lose the habit.
    Recently, I noticed that a teacher who was jobless took a trial in front of the mirror to teach concepts assuming students presence. A singer practised various songs in one raga along with his daughter.

    Lead the leader

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    At times we were all busy and wanted rest. We all waited to be at home with our loved ones and the only day we got was Sunday that too were busy in doing the pending house chores. We, humans, are never happy with what we have or get. When we had other facilities, we wanted to be at home and enjoy, now when we are at home, we are feeling monotonous and being bored with being home. We all can be creative and enjoy being home by making use of time and using it to our favour. We can play with our family members, share or learn something that we were not good at like cooking, gardening, software, games, exercise, etc. There are many online games which can be played online with our family members and friends, We can read our epics that once were left as we didn't have time. We can take up a day and give rest to the ladies of the house and make them feel relaxed and do the complete house chores, etc. The pandemic may take more time and we need to take this time to our favour of improving our family bonding.
    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    What I say that we have learned the new life of living and thanks to Corona and its after effects of ease, we are now distancing ourselves from luxuries of life, leading with austerity measures, and not having any outside food and moreover the regular diseases have vanished may be due to the fear of virus.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The author has mentioned what we all are feeling and definitely we are a bit disturbed also due to such a situation. People say that life is to enjoy and the best place to enjoy is outdoors in the lap of the nature or a new tourist place having newer attractions, indulging in variety foods, chit chatting with friends, late night parties, functions and celebrations and many more such enthralling things - nothing exist there as of now. It is not a philosophical note but the reality of life and we all are perishing in the lap of this deadly infectious virus. Remember when family members told us to return in time in the night and we came back late entering from the back door silently and smoothly without making a noise. Can we forget the thrill of doing that on a regular basis.
    Knowledge is power.

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    There are various problems or factors that causes changes in lifestyle but it is you who has the capability of being adaptable on the factors that changes in lifestyle and ultimately you have the responsibility to manage your life in your on way. So by managing your life, you should forget about what you lost and focus on what you want to gain or what you have to gain in order to bring happiness in you.

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    Every person gets bored by doing the same thing continuously, nowadays people are locked in their houses, so for some people, it is also boring, but I believe that if life always goes according to the circumstances, then it follows the right track. It is our own responsibility to eliminate boredom from
    Humans can find many options to overcome boredom.
    Today, due to Corona, half the world is feeling imprisoned in homes, but it is intelligence to consider this time as a big opportunity for yourself and take advantage of it, give time to your loved ones and enrich your talents.
    This time will bring significant big positive changes in your life.
    So don't make it boring, but find new things to make it great
    Be happy to stay at home and stay healthy.

    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    Human lives are divided in two segments - indoors and outdoors and a balance between the two makes the journey of life pleasurable. In the present situation the outdoor segment is cut out from our lives and if it hurts, it is natural.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    It is well said by the author that corona pandemic has changed all our lifestyles and our social circles have been reduced drastically. During these tough times, it is better to have clean our house, cultivate some plants at our home and do some recipes at our home which will make us engaged. It is good to be active during these days, as our laziness can affect our lives, as we are not going outwards every day. It is important for our mind to be relaxed and never dullness catch our life. Always try to be more creative as our daily progress and do small works which give more happiness to your life.
    "Earning knowledge is by sharing it with ISC and we will rectify our mistakes."

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