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    Should a PM from North East India be elected

    Recent floods in Assam has given me a thought. I have few friends who belong to Meghalaya and Assam. They describe their horrors. Internet connection being bad is one. Not getting a media coverage is another. No matter what happens in North East, mainstream media ignores it or gives it only a minute or so of coverage. The floods this time have killed hundreds and many lost their homes. People I personally know left their homes to run for safety. Surely no one can run away from Nature. But one can at least as much acknowledge their pain.
    North East Indians suffer discrimination in many parts of India. Their identities are not acknowledged. All of this does not change because our ruling government does not have firm presence or ties. Frontiers act as buffers and are mostly or always left to govern themselves.
    This should change. A PM should come from NE India and let Indians and the world know about this eastern frontier. Now how will this be accomplished?
    It is highly unlikely that a regional party will rise to be an opposition to BJP. So BJP has to make firm presence in NE and then offer a strong representation. That is what I think will be a solution to this perennial problem.
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    It is not possible to get a PM from the NE to know the problems and help. I would suggest that we should have many deputy PMs under one PM, like DPM (North) DPM(South) DPM(West) DPM(East) DPM and DPM(NE). The DPM selected should belong to that region.
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    In our country, the PM can be elected from any state but the question is is it going to improve the condition of North Eastern regions. Dr Manmohan Singh, our former PM represented the northeastern state of Assam in Rajya Sabha since 1991 but the situation of the region hardly improved. There are a couple of states in the northeastern region ruled by the BJP but the representation is not adequate. To improve the condition, there is a ministry created for the development of northeastern regions but people continue to suffer. They face many hardships yet they remain neglected. What is required from the government is an initiative in the right direction and the willingness to work. Formulating projects or coming up with ideas will not work until they are carrying out some concrete actions. It seems there is a lack of political goodwill to develop the northeastern parts of India.

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    Unfortunately the India politics roam around Uttar Pradesh state which gives 80 MP's to the country and mostly our PM's have been hailed or elected from this state only. There was a feeling that only North leaders are getting a chance to be elected as PM and for the first time Congress was gracious enough to give the post to PV Narasimha Rao. But suggesting and giving a chance to a NE candidate as PM is very much welcome but it is not possible for many reasons as the NE people talking accent is not understandable to the main land people and that is the great draw back. For the candidature of PM one needs to have good command over the English and Hindi and invariably the NE people accent is mixed with Bengali and thus one would not understand what the leader has been saying. But anything can happen in future.
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    The idea of having our PM from NE states is not a bad idea as if PM is from there he would take care of the people from that state, hopefully. Though it is not necessary that he would choose to do so. Once he becomes PM he might also utter that he is for the whole nation and why he should favour NE region only.
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    The progress of a state depends on many factors but the most important out of them are the efforts of Govt there for it and the contribution of the people there which means how industrious they are. If Govt is doing efforts but people are not smart and hard working, results would not be seen. Simply having more MPs or MLAs would not help. Even having a PM would be of no use if people are not hard working. It is said that most of the PMs hailed from UP but it did not progress as much as some other states like Punjab, Gujarat, Karnataka and many others. So having more political figures in the state is actually sometimes detrimental for the health of a state.
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    The Prime Minister's post represents the whole country, not related to any particular state, so if it is thought that the Prime Minister represents a state, it does not look right.
    Only the people who come forward and take the lead and work for the all-round development of the country can create a large infrastructure across the state. By redesigning the bureaucratic system of government and that it can function efficiently, honestly and with a human spirit, the same person should be truly Prime Minister qualified from any state.
    As far as northeast India is concerned, the government should pay more attention to it and a system like the Deputy Prime Minister can become a solution to this problem.

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    North East India is receiving some attention after Modi has become PM. Many Roads and Bridges were constructed. New trains were started and that only made people think about these Sates. But still, a lot of work is to be done.
    The Prime Minister has to see the welfare of the whole country and a balancing act is to be done. But that is not there in our country. P V Narasimha Rao was our Prime Minister. He was a native of Telanagana and represented Nandyala constituency which is present Andhra Pradesh. But if we see his contributions to AP or Telangana, we can say NIL. So we need not think that PM will work for the development of his State.

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    I believe that former PM Manmohan Singh was representing Assam through Rajya Sabha and what he done during his tenure is always questionable for the NE region.
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