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    Do you think you will only have food?

    No, I am not thinking like that. They will also have food for their living like every other creature on this earth. Actually, they are not humans, not any pet or street dogs. The creature I am talking about is a different one than that you might be thinking of and actually, the question was asked to me, not seriously I think, by a child. The other day, I found him in his balcony doing something serious. He was closely observing something. I asked him what he is doing and he replied that he is playing with something unusual. I went forward and found him in the middle of an army of black ants. He brought some crystals of sugar and giving it to the ants. He was experimenting with how ants are attracted to sugar and told me he began his experiment with only a couple of ants which multiplied automatically after adding more sugar. When I asked him why he is wasting sugar in such a way he asked me laughingly whether we will only have food and should not give anything to those creatures? I have heard people feeding animals outside their home, they even feed birds but haven't found anybody feeding ants.
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    In fact, we are feeding the ants daily unknowingly in the form of beautification of our house front.
    In Tamilnadu, it is a daily practice to beautify the entrance to the home by drawing beautiful designs using rice flavour. This is called 'Maa Kolam". This is mainly to feed the small ants.

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    One should allow others also to eat food for their survival. How we suffer when we don't have food when we are hungry in the same way others will also suffer. Once we know this we will try to donate food to them. That is humanity. This little girl showed that quality by providing food to ants. Feeding birds and animals is very good quality, we all should inculcate these habits to the kids so that they will grow up with good habits and understand the importance of being good and kind to others.
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    Our mind is inquisitive and keeps on searching for answers to every question, data, inquire and research on things, etc. Oliver Burkeman once said that "A curious mind is an active mind" and Curiosity is a quality of attention. It is not that we can give attention to only the things that everyone sees but some focus on different things or you can say, they think differently. People who live in villages do not have dust-bin in common and throw the waste in a pit or the yard. It is treated as manure or help the soil. When vegetable or fruit peel are thrown on the ground, it is good for the soil and even for insects, birds and animals. They knowingly or unknowingly feeds the creatures whom we do not actually would feed. Many people do feed ants, cockroaches, lizards, etc unknowingly but we do not prefer to do it as we want everything to be clean and clear.
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