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    Choosing a topic while writing articles for which traffic of viewers will be more.

    If I write articles about recent trends that are most people aware of like rising coronavirus cases in India or about corona virus vaccine or about related to death of the famous actor Sushant Singh Rajput or about latest technologies for future like Artificial Intelligence, then will it be too competitive to get most people's views or traffic views or will it be too competitive to earn revenue by writing such articles on overrated topics as because 90 percent of population are aware of these and there is nothing very special or fancy in these?
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    In the past, ISC accepted all types of articles. Very recently, ISC has revised its policy and decided to accept the topics based on education only. ISC is worried about traffic for educational traffic than the traffic for deaths and medicines. You can make use of the forum section to discuss anything and everything.
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    Unfortunately, the topics that you referred to in this thread will not generate any revenue. ISC is now a true academic portal and by posting articles related to education only you will be able to earn revenues. There are some Important changes to ISC which you will get to know by reading the announcement hyperlinked in blue.

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    Ok, then can I posts topics related to various online courses or short term courses for 6 months to 1 year?

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    Welcome Anirban to this site commonly known as ISC. If you have an inclination and interest for writing, you are at the correct place. ISC is predominantly an educational site and if you write articles on educational maters as you have indicated above then all those things will be accepted here for publishing subject to the quality of course. Please note that it is a highly moderated site and content would be checked thoroughly before approval and plagiarism is not tolerated. Please go through all the sections and identify your interests and start contributing. I wish you all the best in your journey in this portal. You would soon find that there are great learning potentials here.
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    Often I used to hint that I do not have the knowledge or knack to choose subjects which invite traffic. I do not have any technical knowledge on those matters. Hence generally I restrict myself to the article contests by ISC as they give subjects after seeing the relevant parameters.
    I find that topics like movies, cricket and sports, new gadgets, travel and tips, gossip on celebrities etc. get good traffic. But I am either not interested and/or not well versed in those topics.
    Now that ISC also going more specialised and exclusive on education sector, I may feel the crunch of selecting topics myself more.
    But there are many members in ISC who do homework and research on such matters and find very relevant topics and write threads or articles etc. How I come to now is that either on the same day of members' post or article or after a day or two I find same topic being dealt with in social media or other website or even in TV and newspapers.

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    We can create more topics on the recent happenings across the country, but there are many sources and sites which concentrate on the present happenings and therefore unless and until we have some topics with statistics, it cannot fetch more traffic. Moreover, this is an educational site and we are more concerned about the admissions to various schools and colleges and even write-ups on online education. There are numerous prospects to write on education causes and education woes to which we have good traffic and the information thus served as the great demand on the internet. The future is going to be online education or study from home. So creating articles on these subjects would be more impressive and the need of the hour for the public and in return for submitting such articles the cash credit would also be more.
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    Traffic to a site depends on a large number of factors though the predominant one is the quality and presentation of the content in a site as well as its identification by the various search engines that people use to get the desired information. As we do not know the technicalities behind this, we have to limit ourselves in contributing quality contents as far as possible within our reach and efforts.
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    As ISC has changed to become complete an educational portal, it would be good if you could write articles on any education platform. For the time being, kindly have a run through the article section and have a look at topics that you are keen on writing. This will help you to get a topic that is not covered on needs better coverage. Nowadays, we have many new courses and online learning series that has opened many topics that can be covered. If you have researched on current trends and topics or have heard on topics that are searched or googled, you can start writing an article, search the portal from the keyword as this will help you from creating a duplicate article. As you are new, kindly go through the Help topics of the site as it will help you to understand the norms of the site as this is a well-moderated site. Welcome to the ISC, a complete educational site that has a motto " Learn to Earn, Earn to Learn."
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    Anirban Roy,

    You are welcome to write on anything related to academics, including what you mentioned about short-term courses and online courses. We have a category for short-term courses in the main category of education in our articles' section. I suggest you submit one, the editors will review it and you will know if any changes for improvement are required. You can check the articles submitted in that category to get an idea of how to present it, namely using HTML tags for headings, internal links, etc. One external link to an official site is also permitted. Ensure that you first check if there is any article already submitted on the particular course recently or even earlier where all the relevant information is already provided. With the admission season on, you can also submit articles related to ongoing admissions for a particular certificate or other short-term courses, clearly mentioning in such cases the closing date for applying.

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