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    Visualise the invisible-our brotherhood

    Everyone loves to go on a pilgrimage but this year, we could get a chance to known our state. The district, the taluks, the villages, the areas, the lanes, the houses which we had never thought to visualise. Many of us may not be aware of the areas within a city itself, but through the corona, we got the knowledge very clearly. Next time if any strangers enquire us about an area, maybe we would define it very aptly. We have learnt about ourselves much better than at present.

    It has indeed led us, to see the people, whom we have not visualised ever before, our brotherhood. We are able to feel their suffering and sorrow. Have you ever come across such a situation in your lifetime, to see all these places and people within a glance? I am sure, many would say "no". Let's be a part of the community by being invisible amongst them, to pat them, console them and say a few good words to relieve them from their present situations.

    Mould words of consoling and building confidence along with the community.
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    A good thought from the writer as it is a fact that in our busy lives, we do not see or to say we overlook many people in our own are or locality. This pandemic has or may have helped us to a better glance of our neighbourhood, our locality, our society, our building, etc. There are many building or society who don't know their neighbour as they feel busy or are within themselves.

    Very recently, my sister shifted to a new society and she noticed that the full society was like a jail or school. Complete silence and to her surprise, she even said that she could not even hear the whistle of cookers and we warned her to speak slowly and softly as she has a loud voice. Society is full of well educated and business people and everyone is busy with their own family and self.

    There were times when people knew their neighbours and participated in their activities but now it is taken as breaching the privacy of people. Everyone has turned to themself and the brotherhood that we talk about is losing its root. I hope this pandemic has helped us to think beyond our four walls and lead a human life.

    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    Sometimes adverse situation in our lives forces us to learn some experiences which are not only unique but unprecedented also. The present pandemic belongs to same category when we are hearing about the agony of others as well as the hardships being faced by them. We all are sailing now in the same boat and even the shrewd people are coming out of their kernel cells. It is also a fact that in times of adversity, only unity and discipline work. This pandemic situation has rekindled the human feelings in us and many of us are wholeheartedly helping the affected people.
    Knowledge is power.

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    When we can see each other and talk, we never cared for that. We were trying to be aloof and not even knowing who is our neighbour. This tendency is more in cities and towns. But in villages, people used to interact with neighbours and other people. Now we are all inside our house and we can't go anywhere. Then we started concentrating on our neighbours and we trying to know each other. That way this pandemic making us know our area better. One special point I noticed is many people are trying to help others to the extent that is possible to them.
    always confident

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    Building positive aspirations and the favourable environment will give mental stability. As we say words are stronger than swords, let's increase the confidence levels amongst people.
    Lead the leader

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    It is true that at present we are giving more time not to the distant world but to the world near us.
    We did not understand so much in our work and life, when and who is giving the time
    But in the situation today, we have got an opportunity to know that the world around us is also beautiful, today we are able to give more time to family than outside.
    Children are sharing their thoughts with parents and working parents spending lots of time with their children together.
    I am not saying that this is the perfect time, but in this situation, we have understood the importance of our family members very well.
    The time ahead is coming with a big positive change

    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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