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    Studying and Learning should be like watering of plants

    Study and learning is a part of human life and it starts right from beginning of school to the time when we retire from our professional life. It is essential for our success in life and it is an ongoing process which never stops. From a student to a professional amount of information which needs to be studied and remembered is enormous and it is a challenging and a difficult task. We sometimes often hear people saying how can such a small mind remember so many things. What is more challenging is forgetting after learning, again learning, again forgetting.

    A student who appears for final exams may have studied before but he finds that two days before exams he is not able to retain much. Same thing may happen to a professional who is trying to update his skills to face a job interview. Moreover, sometimes people try to learn everything just before the event like exams or interview and try to vomit it out, but it is seen that this does not work out. They are not able to handle exam or interview in this way as they have overloaded their mind in last two days or so with so many things that when they really need to answer them, they turn blank and confused.

    Studying and learning topics should be a gradual and continuous process rather than occasional and sudden one. Its natural that human mind is not computer and it will not remember each and every information by studying first time itself, but it needs continuous revision of the things to finally able to grasp it permanently. Hence sometimes studying the subject for the first-time during exams looks difficult but if it has been studied before less effort is required to remember it. It is seen that when we read the same thing part by part frequently at regular intervals as per our mind's capacity, we slowly start remembering it by ourselves and we do not tend to forget it. This is because by studying this way things slowly start percolating deeper into our mind and memory and it stays there. On the other hand, if we try to read and remember everything together by studying just once or twice then we tend to forget it fast. This is because by studying this way things stay in our superficial mind and memory and it gets lost soon.

    Hence it is obvious that studying and learning things should be like process of watering the plants. If we flood the plant with too much water suddenly at one time most of the water will drain out of the soil and very less will be retained by the plant. On the contrary if we gradually water the plant with required water as per its capacity regularly the water percolates deep into the roots of the plant without much draining out resulting in its better growth of the plant. Similarly, just learning everything for the first time just before the event like exam or interview will be like taking it in and vomiting out during the event and it would be temporary and will not increase the knowledge. But repeated and gradual learning over the long period of time will not be just for the purpose of exam or interview, in fact it will be permanent and will increase the knowledge.
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    Nice post from the author as the education is said to be continued learning and one cannot claim fully that he is perfectly educated and need not pursue studies again. As plants need regular watering and nurturing, same thing can be compared to education which is the sustained process. While the watering of the plant has to be done by the same person because he knows the value and amount of water required for each plant, same like the person who pursues the higher studies must keeping on learning instead of just learning. Because just learning may make you pass the exam but would not make a person to compete with others.
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    Education or learning things is not a one-day affair. It is a continuous process which one learns with time. Nobody would get it at a time and it is not a thing to be galloped at once. Be it a student who has to pass the exams or any skill development program, learning comes gradually and step by step just as a small plant grows into a big tree.

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    Learning is a continuous process and never stops. The content may change but every time, we learn new things. Be it as a student, a teacher, as a professional, a parent, as managers, as a newbie, a senior, etc. Life itself is a teacher and it teaches us many things in every phase. Every day is a new lesson and every experience a new way to know about it. Many have a habit of learning things at the last moment, some do it partially and some continuously and everybody has their way of remembering things. If you have interest in that subject, you may can grasp more on your first attempt but if you are just mugging up without any interest, it may take more time to get it in your mind and remember when it is required. The information stated above by the writer is good as when we feed our brain with information at regular interval or slowly in continuous form, it will absorb more information and may be able to remember without going blank when required. That is why many people or even scholars quote that if you study daily, it will be easy to cover the topics and understand it then pouring it to the brim on the last moment without getting it deep to the subject and then forgetting half of it due to anxiety or tension.
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    True. Loading too much subject in a hurried way will never help you to remember what you studied. The capacity of the mind varies from person to person. Some people can remember what they studied even for just one time. But some may be required to study the same thing 2 or 3 times to get the subject understood. It is like some plants want more water and some can manage with less water. These days drip irrigation is found to be very useful. A drop by drop watering is giving the best results. Similarly studying point by point can make you understand the subject well. Just opening the book two days before the examination may make you pass the examination but you can't remember what you studied before the examination once the examinations are over. That is why we should study the subject regularly. That is why I think we have the concept of examinations at various stages of a class. Unit tests, quarterly examinations, half-yearly and then year-end examinations.

    Even in our chemistry subject, it was taught that when you want to purify a material by washing, use less water but wash more times. That will give a better result. Pour more water and washing once is not effective.

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