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    Your progress and defeat is already decided on the day of the birth

    We seek God's intervention and also take the help of astrology to know why we are getting so many challenging times in spite of our good work and no enmity with others. While the astrologer would suggest ways and remedies which may satisfy your problems to 25 percent only but the real take lies in your day of birth, date of birth and time of birth and even place of the birth which would decide the progress and defeat of your entire life span. That is the reason being so the new parents should note the above information as soon as their new child is born.

    This is my self challenge entry thread for 19th July
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    God's assistance ChitraGupta maintains an hourly diary which has 60 x60 = 3600 lines. Every line will have remarks as below. Let us take the first-hour diary of 19 July 2020.
    Diary for First hour 19th July 2020
    00 00 01 - Crorepati > Beggar
    00 00 02 - Beggar throughout
    00 00 03 - Beggar > Actor > MLA
    00 00 04 - Doctor
    00 00 05 - Ordinary Politician
    00 00 06 - MP
    and so on upto
    00 59 59 -Govt servant > ISCian
    and so on..........
    Accordingly, the person taking birth at that time particular second lives their life on earth.

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    Destiny place a very important role. That is why everything in our life is predetermined. The time and date of birth may help you to know whether you will be successful or not. Many people go to astrologers to know about their future. They predict based on your time of birth and place of birth,
    We should go on doing our works and we should fulfil our responsibilities and we should not expect the result will always be as we expect. Which area of education we have to select and what profession will be good, will also depend on our time of birth and place of birth.

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    In one hand, it is true that our progress and defeat is already decided on the day of birth. But on the other hand, our destiny is decided by our Karma. God has given us the power to change our destiny by changing our Karmas.
    Suppose a boy takes birth in a poor family, but it is not essential that he will remain poor, if he does hard work in student life, he will change his destiny. Many examples are in our surroundings by hard work and determination people have changed their destiny.We are blessed by the Supreme to change our lives by our Karmas.
    According to our Karma, we get results. Actions or Karmas produce results.
    If one does not walk he will not reach the desired place. Karma is controlled by us. Destiny is controlled by God. Seeing the good Karmas, Some times God fills with pity and changes the destiny.

    Service to mankind is service to God.

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    I do not agree with the content but would certainly agree with the title of the thread.

    The sperms have to reach the egg for fertilization within the time frame. It takes the protective layer to fight the acidic environment and need to cover the area within 20-30 minutes as it again liquifies thus freeing the sperm for travelling through the cervix, then reach the entrance to the uterus through the layers of stretchy, clear and thin cervical mucus. After reaching the uterus, the sperm has to propel upward into the fallopian tubes picking up tail-thrashing speed to reach the target within the right time frame. The sperm needs to furrow through the hard outer layer of the egg. Out of the hundreds trying to penetrate the egg's membrane to reach the cytoplasm, only one lucky sperm cell succeeds and thole a chemical reaction that averts other sperm cells from transfixing the egg. Only after this stage does the chromosomes from sperm and egg come together and fertilises.

    When you talk about the day of birth, date of birth and time of birth and even place of the birth, it may vary and change as per situation, financial capacity, the residence of the couple, health issues, etc as this cannot be forecasted. Many make their or their children birth Horoscope(Jathagam) i.e. an astrology chart of a person but many do not have it or believe in it so one's progress and defeat cannot be decided on the day of the birth but how you make it to be. Bill gates said, "Being born poor is not your fault, but dying poor is."

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    Every point in the time line is a unique entity and it makes sense to give it priority in understanding the fate and destiny. This is an age old method being followed by numerous societies in the world in different forms but the common thing is that whatever destined would only happen in one's life. So, this theory has many good things attached to it because if a person believes that whatever is destined would happen then he would never be sad and sorrow in his life and take these things as given to him by his or her destiny. But if someone believes that one has to work hard and carve out the path of success irrespective of what is destined then all sort of stress and tensions would emerge in life. Life would become more and more challenging. So a person believing in destiny in general would have a better and peaceful life then one who believes in himself only.
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    Generally we think that all our success and failure are predestined and nothing is in our hands. Being scared of failure some of us rush to astrologers or people of similar profession for removing the hurdles lying in the way of success.

    I've seen the astrologers worried for the career of their son or a suitable boy for their daughter. Can they not help their own issues by removing hurdles ?

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    Even today astrology cannot be denied in life, people do horoscopes first in big things and then work according to it, this anecdote of karma and destiny is very old.
    There has been a debate over eternity over whether karma is important or destiny. If you want to get something in life, then you have to work hard. The floor is found only by those who step towards it.
    This means that we do our work, worry about the fruit later. When the farmer sows the seeds in the field, he does not know whether it will rain or not. Whether seed will sprout from the ground or not. Even if the plant has come, it will bear fruit or not. But the farmer sows the land and leaves the concern of the crop to God.
    Those who support destiny say that the happiness, wealth and wealth we get is from luck.
    In the end, it can be said that fate also favors those who do deeds. To make a rough stone smooth, we have to wear it daily.
    It is an endless debate as to whether fate is greater or karma. Everyone has their own arguments about this, but in any case we should take inspiration with positive thinking to do something remarkable in life.

    Swati Sharma

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