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    Is there a drop in MBA admissions this year as compared to previous years?

    Do you think that there are fewer students enrolling for MBA programs in 2020 as compared to previous years? What could be the possible reasons for this is analyzed in this thread.

    An MBA degree is considered to be prestigious that will provide an asset to the company and because of this most graduates, especially with an engineering degree, are attracted to this degree without any goal or second thoughts. As a result, most graduates seek admissions to any MBA colleges or B-schools be it 3 or 4 tier, but unfortunately only students from top reputed MBA colleges get placed and students from remaining colleges are not placed. And it is heard that there is a drop in admissions of student for MBA this year.

    I want opinions on whether this is true or not. If it is true, then is this the reason which I have mentioned above, namely that the students are not getting placed from average colleges, along with the new normal reasons for the COVID-19 pandemic? Is it true that there is a drop? What do you think are the other possible reasons for the drop in admissions to MBA programs?
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    I don't think admissions are over for MBA. I even don't know whether the process started or not? There may be a drop this year. The examinations for final year students are to be conducted. Then the results are to be announced. Then only we know about the admissions. There may be a reduction in applications due to COVID19. People are not interested to go out due to the virus. No travelling these days. All put together there will be less number this year. If all degree students are also getting promoted without any examinations, there will be a big demand.
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    MBA admissions are considerably delayed this year as many exams like CAT, IIFT, MAT, CMAT etc, which are considered for MBA admissions in some institutes are not over or yet to be conducted. So, significant delay has already taken place. That is one part. Another thing is after MBA also, every one is not getting a job and it is going to be a big challenge in coming days. Though exact position of number of students enrolled for MBA would be known only when all the admissions are over, the above factors might contribute to the dwindling in the number of aspirants for MBA in our country.
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    Due to the pandemic situation the entire admission process is affected including that of MBA. It is still not clear when such a process will start. may be it will take at least a couple of months to streamline the process. The process of taking admission through IIM, XAT, MATetc are the normal procedure of intake of candidates aspiring to have the management degree. Candidates after the graduation would like to have an additional degree in the management for the better service opportunities but since the management colleges are outnumbered these days, seats of some private management colleges remain vacant. Even the job market has been tough where employers seek many positive attributes within an aspirant. Hence selecting any management college is not the way to success.

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