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    Shorten the length of your thread to a desirable limit

    Other than money, anything in this world will not be acceptable to us if it is huge in size or large in length. Here, I am talking about the lengthy thread posts and lengthy responses to our members' posts. Members may not be interested in reading large texts in the threads and responses.

    Your thread posts should be such that it draws the attention of the reader by a single look. A member should be able to grasp the message very quickly, say within a few seconds.

    Large threads beyond 10 lines (200 words) would be very boring to read. Hence I suggest our dear fellow ISCians cut short their thread length and accommodate their message within 10 lines. This is applicable to the thread responses too. (Stories are exempted from this) Let that 10 lines be in 2 or 3 short paragraphs. That would make it easier for the readers.

    Even if your aim is to score 5 good points, a ten-line thread would do it. Anything beyond 10 lines (200 words) will not help you to score more than 5 points.

    Let your thread be short and interesting to read, Let us not get bored with your threads.

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    I feel the length of the thread should be based on the subject you select. If you want to write a story in a thread the length will be more. So the writer has to decide what should be the size of his thread. People should not get bored while reading the thread and the tempo should be maintained. Then only we can expect to have more readers. Short or long, the subject you have taken and the way you have presented matters more. Generally, I feel a thread from Sun will be interesting.
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    A good note for all(old and new members) as this will help to get the content to everyone. Indeed, many don't prefer to read lengthy write-ups provided it is a story or something that keeps fascinating or guessing or glued to it. Yes, we indeed need to try to make our thread and comments short as it will help to get our thoughts to the readers but we also have to keep in mind that the comment should be valid, covering the topic as well as crisp.

    For 5 points on your thread or comment, 10 lines (200 words) is enough or to make it better for readers, 2 or 3 short paragraphs of 3 lines each will do. This will give a better presentation and help readers to cover it with ease. But, this all depends on the content or write-up as sometimes, we need to make a longer one cover everything that we need to say or write.

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    We all have learned precis writing in our school days. That 's what we need to practice at ISC. Learn to write a summary covering the entire thing. Lengthy sentences can be cut and made into short sentences. If we can do it, we can achieve it. Let us not write stories. Let us write only the points that we need to bring out and say what exactly is.

    Instead of writing - Rama went in search to find where was Sita. (Nine words)
    Simply write - Rama searched Sita. ( Three words)
    Thus, You could save 6 words.

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    Writing lengthy or short threads is left up to the wisdom of the members while some are making very long threads and some are giving big responses to the threads which are not required at all. What I feel that five lines of thread or five lines of response would be ideal to read and understand. But what the example given by Sun in the above response is not acceptable to ISC. Because Ram searched Sita though give the meaning it lacks the grammar and other expectations as per the ISC. We are not supposed to write short threads nor short answers which may not serve the purpose.
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    Sun, will you not accept a tract of land if it is provided to you for free by somebody? You may give various logics about not accepting it since you have mentioned at the beginning of the thread that it is only money in a huge quantity that is accepted by all, but it all depends on someone's personal choice.

    Regarding the thread, it depends on the topic you are writing and how you would like to describe it. If it's a piece of news, there is no need to elaborate but when you are describing a particular issue in the form of a thread it can be a little longer. If the topic discussed in the thread doesn't interest you, you may find a very small thread boring and if you find interest in the topic you will continue reading a long thread. It depends on your presentation. One thing that we should follow all the time and that is not to make any thread unnecessarily lengthy.


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    Ram searched Sita.
    I wanted Gold.
    You wanted Platinum.
    Amitabh loved Jaya.
    I love ISC.

    Are the above sentences grammatically wrong? What is the mistake in the above simple sentences? Will ISC object such English?

    Members, Do post your comment.

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    I fully agree with the author that we should keep the length of our post limited to the extent that what we want to convey should be made clear to the readers who would like to respond on that. There is no point in beating about the bush as that wouldn't add value to the post further. Once the main content is assimilated in the post may be in 4-5 lines or may be in 10-12 lines, we should make a full stop there itself.
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    Dear Mr. Mohan,
    Refer my #704572. I am still waiting for an explanatory response from you.

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