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    To what extent is internet and social media appropriate and safe?

    Today, the world of Internet is becoming a very important necessity. ..with which we all are connected with each other, this is the demand of today's time, as well as a way to be connected to any corner of the world and our family members and friends.
    At its inception the Internet was limited to sharing information only. However, the current Internet has spread its foot in almost every field. From medical to the purchase of daily use goods.
    Internet is an ocean of information. The farther and deeper you go. You will get unlimited stores of knowledge.
    Everything has two sides. Similarly, human being has benefited from the development of the Internet, so some of its disadvantages are also being revealed.
    Today privacy is emerging as the biggest problem. People's personal data is being stolen and sold. Which is very important to avoid. Because your personal data is your property while online.
    How to manage security and necessity in this world of the Internet is a big question today.
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    Any coin will have two sides. How best we use the facility for our benefit is in the hands of the user. We should know up to what extent we can use. We should know where to start and where to stop. Then there will not be any problem. Don't use the sites which are not safe. Don't give your details which are not required in social media. When you are coming out of a site properly log out and don't allow your computer to remember your passwords of important sites and emails. See those all-important folders on your computer or protected with passwords.
    always confident

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    As long as Internet is used for gaining knowledge and wisdom there is nothing wrong. But the social media is playing spoiled sport as fake news and some disturbing visuals of people behaving eccentrically would make rounds. And wrong ideas, suggestions are being circulated in large numbers and even the law enforcing agencies are having a eye on the posts in social media. The group chatting among the family members is the best part of the social media and those who want to learn some cooking recipes, the social media is of great help. So there are advantages and disadvantages.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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