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    Gold: going, going, gone?

    Would gold go beyond the reach of even the upper middle-class? And would it soon touch Rs5000 per gram, as predicted by those in the jewellery business?

    We gifted a small bracelet to our daughter on her birthday. Cost? Rs.53,000/-. The wastage was estimated at 12 percent and one gram was quoted at 4107/-. on Saturday. This price is simply atrocious and the reason given was once again the rising international price of gold.

    Gold, it now seems, is going, going and gone. At these prices, what should the Govt do? Or should only market prices keep working?
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    Just boycott Gold. Don't value gold. Stop buying gold. Stop wearing gold. Forget what is gold. If we do this, Gold will suffer. Gold will be held like a stone and remain unsold. The greed to possess gold will die down naturally.

    Try and wear silver, brass, copper and tin. Take care of your internal beauty. Ignore external beauty.

    If the middle and poor cooperate, we can put an end to this gold menace.

    No life without Sun

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    Those who have chunk of extra amount will buy gold, price doesn't matter for them. However, lower class will only aspire to have gold in future if price hike continues.

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    If gold prices has to be contained, then people should shun buying the gold forthwith. But being the Shravana Masam when the marriages are lined up surely the gold purchases would be more for the bride. However those who have a girl child, they plan from the beginning itself and start purchasing gold one by one and thus by the time of marriage enough good would be at the disposal and even silver would be purchased and retained by the parents for giving the same during the marriage. Gold has been the most sought after jewel and escalating rates would not bother the parents as they would buy at least half of the gold thus planned.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    We have the deep passion for this yellow items since beginning and according to Hindu Customs, the marriage of the daughter cannot be accomplished unless a fair amount is not given as a part of blessing. It is sometimes called Stri Dhan denoting that it is the possession of the lady to used in the hours of extreme need. Some believe that without the offering of this precious item, the marriage would not be auspicious and hence it is a part of essential item in the marriage ceremony of the daughters.

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    Gold crossed Rs.5000/- a gram. I remember purchasing gold at a rate of 300 rupees per gram. I think it is very difficult to purchase gold. It is not an essential commodity. So we need not purchase. There are items available with a gold coating which will appear like gold items only. So if somebody as a fancy let them purchase those items.
    There are silver items which are gold coated. We can go for those items. That will be cheap and will also serve the purpose of wearing. So let us get satisfied with those items. Otherwise, the cost will further increase.

    always confident

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