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    Resolving confusions and doubts is must before treading ahead

    When we work in our lives for a job or career then many times confusions would come in our way as there are ample procedures, rules, and regulations everywhere whether it is a Govt workplace or private company. It is not easy to understand everything and have a smooth ride. So whenever confusions and deficient understandings are there, it is necessary that we consult the proper person or authority or the rule book itself to find out the correct thing in the matter. After resolving these doubts only we can comfortably move ahead. What do the members think about it?
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    Yes. Standard operating procedures (SOPs) are very common these days for all day to day operations. As per ISO, there will be a set procedure for every work. If the cashier has to write a receipt, there will be a procedure for that. He has to follow that procedure. Like that, for all operations, there will be a rule book and authorisation procedure. That should be followed. If there is a confusion or doubt one should consult his boss or any other person who is thorough in that subject.
    Even in our personal life also we will be getting many doubts. Which day is auspicious to start work? When to start for a journey? How to perform a special pooja? Like this, we may be getting many doubts. In the house, different members may be suggesting different days. In such cases, we will be contacting the concerned competent person or our elders and we may be following their suggestion.

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    It is necessary to clear any confusion in the beginning, otherwise, the confusion remains. One can move ahead, but there is every possibility of getting stuck in the middle if the confusion remains. It is just like clearing one lesson before going to the next chapter. The competent person/authority is like the teacher who can clarify all the confusions and you can refer to a particular section of a book to get the doubts cleared. One lesson can always have a link to another lesson and because of this clarifying a confusion is essential.

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    Confusion is always there in our life time to time for example what should you do in your life, you should start thinking from 10th or 12th onwards. But still, if you are not able to think on time what to do and you have completed your studies till graduation, then this is the right time to change your field.

    Your graduation time is not spoiled at all. You can still do post-graduation or diploma in any field of your choice by changing the fields. Do not make any hasty decisions while in confusion.

    Do not make any haste while changing your field and consider all the important aspects while choosing the field. It would be better to talk to an expert of that field or seek the help of your seniors.

    Apart from this, you can also go to a career counselor. There is definitely something in every human being that sets him apart from the rest, so identify your hidden abilities and try to know in which field you can do well. is.

    There is definitely some hidden talent inside every human being, just you need to identify it. If you have emerged in time, we have graduated, but still, our elders understand life more than us, so definitely take the opinion of your elders on this occasion of confusion.
    Maybe the same confusion as you have been to your parents, elder brother and sister too, then do not forget to take the necessary advice and help from them.

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    There will always be confusion or doubts when we are trying something and it is normal. One thing everyone must understand is that when in doubt, ask. This is the best way to get clarity and move forward. When we attempt anything, there may be many missing details and we will be in full confusion, we may refer to books or guidelines but may not get the right answers, it's the time to ask or consult the proper person or authority who can provide us with a better answer or solution. The person or authority can be our parents, seniors, teachers, guides, in charge and at times, even googling will help to get the best answer to our doubt. When our doubt is cleared, we will be able to complete of fill it without any hesitation and submit it correctly without any mistakes. If the doubt or confusion is cleared, we will be able to give our best and move in the correct path but if we lean back and do not clear the doubt, we may be carrying the same mistake every time. There may be instance that the mistake was not noticed on the first attempt but in the later stage, it may damage the full effort.
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    When we are in a hurry or are impatient then we do not bother for the confusions and doubts as that time we think that somehow this job is to be taken up and to be completed and it is only at the end that we repent on our hastiness. It is a common human trait and a very few persons would be doing things patiently and after due deliberations and planning. However, theoretically speaking we should do everything with a lot of planing and thinking.
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    When we start a new thing in our life, we tend to have many doubts in our mind, but our elder family members will know how to perform them in a unique manner. There are a set of rules for every work we do, we have to follow these rules to get the desired success. When we bake a cake and if the amount of baking powder we take is high, then the baking process will get flop. When we cook chicken, if the ingredient is not mixed properly, then dish will be flopped.
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