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    A good way to get rid of advertisements on television

    When you are engrossed in a television program you will feel annoyed if there is an interval for commercial breaks. In fact, we get to see a lot of advertisements between the programs be it on the news channels or channels of a particular genre and advertisements are sometimes really boring. Unfortunately, there is no way to get rid of them.

    I found something interesting while surfing through various news channels. The interesting thing is the time and duration of such breaks are almost identical. Suppose you are constantly following the channels A, B and C for the latest updates and all these three channels are national news channels. Now if commercial break starts in channel A, you will find commercial breaks in channels B & C too. In that case, if you switch to your regional news channel you may find that it is still beaming the news. The same thing I observed in channels telecasting movies or serials. Now for the seamless viewing experience, you need to select such two or three programs that you can alternate between when there is a commercial break in one of those channels. When there is a break in one channel, see the program on the other channel and vice-versa. In this way, you can try to get rid of the annoyance of watching the advertisements.
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    This what we do generally. When we are watching a regional news channel if there is a commercial break we will go to DD 8 that is our regional Doordarshan channel. Generally, the advertisements time will be different and there will be no problem. Otherwise, we will be shifting between a NewsChannel and another normal channel where some other program will be going on. These days advertisements are taking almost 50% of the actual [program time. If the duration of the program is one hour out of that 30 minutes will go for advertisements.
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    This is a good suggestion and many of us are already following this trick to avoid the break and advertisements. There is another way to tackle this problem and that is nowadays we have so many things to do and analyse and finalise related to our routine household work or some other such problem or some petty task. So, one can keep that with oneself and during the break just take that rough paper and the pen in your hand and do that activity which otherwise would be taking time separately. Initially, one might feel awkward to do that but once a habit is formed then others in the family would also start copying the same trait.
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    I just don't want to flip from the actual program. So I put on the television and ask my family members to call after the program resumes. The persons who are watching will also manage the house chores within the living room.
    Hence we don't miss advertisements not the program. Only if there is a power cut, we miss both.

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    You have said the right thing that most of us do this too. Whenever advertisements come, either we change the channel or we are engaged in some other work.

    But sometimes there is a loss in it, it is such that till we come back on the channel something is missed and if something more interesting is coming on the other channel then your mind also diverts.

    Although I do not know much as you guys know, still an idea that that is coming in my mind is that
    "why not do some yoga or exercise while watching TV."

    I know you must have started the day with yoga, but even if you are watching TV in the evening, you can do pranayama during the advertisement.
    This will also benefit you for health and your episode will not be missed.

    Specially ladies because I know most of the ladies did not do yoga in the morning as they have many household works to do.

    If you like it, you can try it once otherwise you already have good options

    Thank you

    Swati Sharma

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