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    Our own people and the media are the culprit. They are the cause for leakage of information.

    I say that our own people and the media are the culprits who endanger our national security. Why I say this because just because they have an android phone in hand, they take the pictures and upload it in the social media, not knowing the consequences of it. All defence related matters should be kept confidential or secret. especially the movement of troops, machinery, equipment etc.

    For E.g.
    A group of Army personnel leaving a city towards the border to enhance our national security. Should this be publicized in the media to get their likes?.
    A group of warships is exercising in the Andaman sea. Should this be publicized in media?

    By this, are we not telling our enemies that we are preparing for a war or something? Is it right to publish such defense-related matters in the news media?

    I am dead against such publicity relating to defence of India. What about you, My dear fellow ISCian?
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    I'm not assure if anybody whether it's media or public can leak out any defence related secret information unless it's disclosed by the government. Disclosing such information without any order of government is a crime. As far as movement of army on ground is concerned I've heard that every enemy country has accessibility to watch every moment of their rivals through satellite cameras. However, Our forces are well equipped with all the latest technology and weaponry to foil the attack of enemy.

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    I am also of the firm opinion that the defense preparedness of our country should be kept very secret and it should be like so secret like how Abhinandan made attack on Balakot and came back safely. The armed forces already informed that their movements should not be shared to anyone and their social accounts in social media should be removed. But some enthusiastic television channel are embedded with the Army and their plans on enemy countries and even try to show the live happenings to us. This is nothing but giving more information to the enemy to prepare against it. When Mumbai shoot out was done on terrorists some television were on live which gave the Pakistan to give enough feed for the terrorists to behave and hide. This kind of tv live should be avoided when the war situation happens.
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    Media plays a big role in leakage of information of spreading fake or unwanted or hatred, one-sided, half-truth and even vital nation information to people and even the enemies. When we talk about media, it is not only till newspaper or news channel but every media, be it social media or national television or print. There is much important news that needs to be covered or kept secret but on the getting better TRP, they try to be first in flashing such news without any guilt. We have been seeing or watching many channels that favour a political party and doing a bias type of coverage on issues. There are many vital pieces of information that need not be shared in print or TV but they broadcast it to increase the rating. Many media channels have forgotten their principle and oath that they take on their graduation to keep it true and for the people but nowadays, it is just TRP and rating or running for money.

    Even the public fall into the trap and keep on forwarding messages or clips on any incidents or party without even giving it a second thought. Some many messages or videos spread hatred, division and hurt the sentiments of people but many share it to gain popularity, get more likes or who is a blind follower of any group. As mentioned by the writer, it is not only media but even we public shares its hand in the leakage of our countries vital information and even dividing the country in the name of religion, caste, creed, sect, etc.

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    Media is the main culprit. They want to be the first and best. In that pursuit, they will be giving thrilling news which sometimes includes the secrets of the military activities which are not supposed to be divulged. Some of the channels who are getting funding from foreign countries may do this intentionally also. That is why the present government brought some restriction on foreign funding for these channels.

    Another culprit is social media. The young people think that they will get the attention of the post this news on Social media but never think that they are putting the national security at stake. That is why there should be screening or editing activity on social media also.

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    In this respect, We should appreciate China who has strict control over its people and the media. We don't get any information relating to their military movements or anything related to their defence forces.

    We are yet to get the details of the casualties during the recent border attack at Galwan valley. It still remains a secret, and it is not known to their own people. That's what the defence force of a country should be.

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    I do not think that our army personnel will do something unbecoming of them or something prohibited. As the armed forces personnel are in the forefront of defending the nation and facing the enemy, I believe that they will not commit any irresponsible act.
    Whatever we get to see may be the permitted and consciously let out pictures and videos.
    It can also be the fabricated and spread materials by the enemy country(s) or their agents to confuse our people and destroy the morale of the people.
    As responsible citizen our duty is not to believe or spread any materials we ourselves doubt and those showing our armed forces in bad light. We also should not spread materials unnecessarily criticising our government or showing them in bad light during crisis and serious situations.
    The media also is not hundred percent holy and may have agents and vested interests controlling them or infiltrated in them.

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