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    Middle, aisle or window - which seat do you prefer

    No wonder, due to the COVID crisis, we have restricted our travels, be it by air, road or rail. It won't be advisable also. But anyway, before this crisis, most of us must have travelled a lot and will again be doing so once this crisis is over. So during those travels, especially the ones by air, which seat do you used to prefer? The middle one, the aisle one or the window? I am sure, for most the answers must be the window seat. After all, if you are lucky to get a window seat, you can have unrestricted view of the outside. I too in my initial days was more found of the window seats, but as my interest waned, I started preferring the aisle seat. Reason being, the aisle seat provides you unrestricted access to move out of the seat, in case you have to go to the washroom and so on. But if you are in the window or the middle, you have to request others to give you way and that could be quite cumbersome sometimes. So friends, which one do you prefer? Anyone prefers the middle seat? There was of course one occasion, when I thanked my stars for getting the middle seat. Will let you know later.
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    Generally, on the buses, I would like to sit in the front, near the bonnet, especially during the winter, to get warm air from the engine. And also to view the front. But at night, I would prefer the center window seat to have a comfortable sleep.
    I don't travel by air. Once, when I traveled by air for one hour, I was allotted aisle. Fortunately, the passenger of the window seat did not turn up. So, I had the privilege of the window seat and enjoyed the flight journey from departure to landing. Next time I booked; Corona attacked; and the flight cancelled.

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    Whether it was earlier or now, whether in car, bus, train or aeroplane, I prefer window seats. In car I would also like to be at front seat. Whatever be it, I like to have a good vie of outside, even if it s the road I have taken thousand times. In cold weather I wrap my ears with a handkerchief to clock the cold wind shear.
    But we may not be getting the preferred seat always. Then I had to adjust somehow to that situation. After Covid lockdown started I have not travelled, except by autorikshaw locally for about one kilometre distance after relaxation wa given.

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    I always prefer the window seat as it gives a feeling of sitting in the open in harmony with the nature around. One can have a beautiful view especially during take offs and landing. We do not get that always as the window and aisle seats both are in great demand.
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    I always prefer a window seat but if my children like to take away, I give up then we share for the journey time in shifting from middle to window. It is really nice, to see the environment, to get fresh air. During rainy season we can close it. I love to keep my leg on side clamp of the front seat which will be in the window seat. I hope you would have observed, this small support piece.
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    For me the window seat is always preferred while travelling in the long distance buses. And that should be on the left side of the bus and not at the right side. The reason being in case of accident the right side portion of the bus would be badly hit and those who are sitting behind the driver would have the worst situation. And while having the seat on the left side, we are assured of best travelling experience as the view would be good and we can also watch who is getting in and who is getting out of the bus. I would never accept any seat in the middle or aisle as it would be disturbing when other passengers get in or get out.
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    The position of the seat differs from the time of travel, the length of the journey and the place I am travelling.

    In the morning, if I am travelling by bus, I like the window seat but if the journey is long, I prefer the aisle seat as it is easy to sleep and get-up from the seat than disturbing others. While travelling in train for a short journey, I prefer side seat but for the long journey, I always prefer the upper seat. When you have the upper berth, you can keep your luggage, go up anytime to sleep, have your food easily and even come down and watch outside at any time whereas if you have the lower berth, you have to wait for everyone to take their seat and even get-up early as others will come down to sit. I do not like the middle seat as it is congested and packed from both sides. While flying, I prefer side or aisle seat. Side seat helps to get some view of outside while aisle seat helps to go to the toilet as and when required without disturbing others. While travelling by car, I prefer the side seat but not the front seat. I feel sleepy very fast while travelling and thus it's not good to sit on the front seat and sleep so prefer sitting back and enjoy sleeping or dozing.

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    Whether it is a bus, a train or a flight my preference is a window seat only. A window seat will keep in contact within and out of the vehicle you are travelling. I always sit by the side of the window only in our car also. But sometimes we will not get the window seat. In such a case my next preference is aisle seat. You will not feel that you are sandwiched. You will have freedom of at least one side. But the inconvenience is to give way to the passengers sitting in the window seat and middle seat on that row. But for you to get up and go to the toilet will be easy and you need not disturb others. The last priority is the middle seat. We will be sandwiched between the passenger sitting in the window seat and the aisle seat. You can't move freely. If we have to go to the toilet we have to disturb the person sitting in the aisle seat and you can spend time seeing through the window also. A real problematic seat.
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    I always like window seats
    Because sitting on the window seats is the fun of traveling
    It is a different fun to associate yourself with nature and go on thinking about something.
    When I was younger, I would often quarrel with my younger sister … who would sit on the window seat for how long and always got the benefit of being younger.
    But whenever I got a chance and I used to sit on the window seat, looking at the road and trees in my termites, different approaches started coming.
    And during this journey, many ideas kept coming to mind, which have changed in some of my articles today.
    So for me this top window seat has always been special and will remain

    Swati Sharma

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    I always enjoyed sitting at the window side in any mode of travel. Watching the scenery, the passing trees and hills etc would increase the enthusiasm in the mind and I feel happy for that. When I miss a chance due to late booking of ticket or so, It looks as if I were lost some where by sitting in a seat other than the window seat. While travelling by Air, I would reserve my seat too, if possible and the option is WS. This time the scenic would be a different experience while taking off or landing and the journey through clouds would be more scintillating to watch.

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