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    A letter to a father!

    This happened a long time ago during my University days. We happened to receive Post cards and Inland letters from our parents and friends and sometimes an envelope with a letter and a hundred rupee note to avoid M.O charges etc., from hoouse. Our friend one Sriram was quite lazy and never cared to write letters to his parents but they used to send enquiries through post-cards. Mischievious behaviour is common during hostel days and some were very keen in openly reading the content. Havingunderstood the anxiety of his parents, we convinced him to respond to their letters. He said he never had the habit of writing letters but will make it a practice after so much pressure from our friends.

    One fine morning, he dropped a letter to his father and happily briefed us about what he had written to them. In fact, we felt ashamed for our casual responses to our parents while this man has narrated everything about the happenings. He proved that letter writing was an Art. After doing so with varied topics, he got a reply from his father who was a school teacher with some suggestions. He advised him of following punctuation marks, follow the norms of precis writing and adopt a methodology that the content is not boring. An anguish Sriram, this time he himself read out the letter openly and said thats why he didn't prefer writing letters.

    Next time onwards, he opted to write in a post-card -
    "Dear father,
    My sinciere pranams to you and mother. i am fine and hope the same with you. my wishes to beloved sister.
    Your's loving son,

    Hope you all agree that this simple episode reveals that we should not be in a hurry when things are slowly falling in line and a change should be made slowly and convincingly without hurting anyone.
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    This postcard thread reminds me of the past days when I was studying in 7th standard. One day, while I was returning from my school through a narrow street, one old lady called me and said, "Thambi, do me a favour. Just write a letter for me." And she gave me a postcard and started dictating her message. It was to her son, explaining the difficulties she was facing without money. I tried my best to accommodate all her feelings in that letter with my economical handwriting. And when I read it back, she was very happy and offered me a cup of coffee. That was the first letter I wrote for an outsider.
    A nostalgia about a postcard.

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    Parents especially father would always do like that. In their heart of heart they want that their children should write in a correct and precise manner so that they can say with proud that their children write in such an excellent ways.
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    A father is a father in every angle. This thread made me smile or say laugh to say that most of the father has the same habit. Even though they love their children and would not want them to get hurt, they will never show their love in open. This is not in every case but one can say nearly 75-80% of the fathers have the same attitude.

    I am a father myself but I am also strict with my children when I am with them but when I am away, I sit and think that I should be soft and approachable but again when I am with them I become strict. I think this is how men are made and it's their instinct.

    It is seen that until children finish their schooling, the fathers play a Hitler role and would find them always truculent but once you have finished your teenage and college, he will be sweet and close. I have heard from many of my friends that though their father was very strict in his young age but now is his best friend and is very close to him.

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    Since coming to this world, we have played many relationships, some that God gave us since birth and some that we made ourselves. Every relationship has its own importance and every relationship has its own identity, with different expectations and different responsibilities, we continue to pursue all these relationships in our life.

    In such a relationship, the relationship between the most ego and divine power is the relationship of the father. By the way, I have already said that every relationship has its own importance but we all know that the relationship of parents is paramount,

    Father is the root of our relationship, which keeps us all connected with our love and sometimes with data. Huh. Fathers think of their children before themselves. Father is the biggest strength of our life which we grow with our experiences and protection so that we can give a good personality to this society.

    Swati Sharma

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    Some people are habituated to do things exactly the way they should be carried out. They are called perfectionists. They want others also to do the work as they do it. My father also writes very good Telugu without any grammar mistakes. He uses the language which is used in standard books and never writes the language the way we speak. During my stay in the hostel, he used to write cards to me and my roommates were also reading those letters. Then I asked him to write inland letters. When we read his narration we feel that we have seen the incident.
    To get perfectness it may take some time and that will depend on the individual also. So one should give sufficient time and we should encourage him saying that he is improving. That will help him to reach the stage quickly. If we start criticising him for his mistakes he will get disappointed and may do more mistakes.

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    I felt related to this as I have also spent 14 good years in the hostel. My father was very strict about letter writing regularly. In fact, he used to give me a self-addressed and stamped postcards to me to write him letters from the hostel. When he found that I was writing very long letters with every detail of my well being, he shifted to self-addressed envelopes. He was also very punctual in writing letters and I was the only one candidate receiving letters on every weekend common assembly in the hostel. He made a file to punch all my letters with red marks on the mistakes I had made while writing. Now that file is with me and I still sometimes open that and read my letters written to my parents.

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    I missed this entirely as I was always living with my family. My father was very good with a pen. He had a very different style of tackling a situation and when he use to write appreciating, thanksgiving or condolence letter to anyone he used to read it for us. I would every time ask him as to how he generates a new idea to write a letter. He would just smile.
    I remember the day of my school we were given essays to write on a topic to the word limit of about 350 to 500 words. My father use to dictate the essays to my elder brother and when I came to that stage of writing essays he would ask me to write myself and then should read to him. He helped to edit my portion and again I had to copy it in my school homework copy. I would feel that I was not being treated well by my father as in my brother's case he used to dictate him the whole thing but not to me!
    I wrote my first letter to my father when I was touched by his praises on getting good percentage in class 12th. He replied to my letter and without any editing done and at the end of the letter was a line, 'Talk to me when everybody else is asleep at home". I was curious to know what he would tell me. I walked in the balcony with him at about 2 AM. What he said that night echos my ears always, he said, "You have written a letter of thanks to me. I am pleased with your emotions and above all, I am happy that you have learnt the art of letter writing. Remember, to write a letter with emotions and honesty. I never dictated you any essay anticipating that you should carry my art of letter writing and you have not let me down". I since then have been writing a letter to cousins and uncles, believe me, all appreciate me saying. "You write a letter just like your father!"
    But nowadays, this art is dying out!

    Nadeem Naqvi

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    Those were the days of the Post - card era and I was away from my father living in the college hostel. He had an instruction for me to write a letter on every Saturday providing him the essential informations relating to me for the entire week. He was fond of collecting all such letters and on my stay at home, he used to show me some sort of errors crept in writings such as spelling mistakes, wrong prepositions and punctuations etc. His intention was to make his son competent in the art of writing. Though he is not with me, I am thankful to his honest guidance. He was at least successful in his venture encouraging me to write flawless Hindi and English both.

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