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    In a disciplined household children would grow in a better way

    Some parents are very disciplined and seek same level from their children and the children also follow same thing and it is finally reflected in their upbringing. These children are relatively more successful than their friends and companions as discipline always helps in life in every activity and is a basic ingredient for success. In some families parents take things casually and believe that whatever is fated would happen so why to worry and live the present happily and enjoy life. The children also follow the suit and become carefree only to find in the later part of life that it harmed them immensely. What should be the correct approach in your view? Disciplined life or carefree life leaving things on destiny. Please share your views on this.
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    Children learn from the parents only. They are actually their first teachers. A house not having order and not having discipline is not a good place for proper growing of the children. Such parents should send their children to boarding schools if they can afford it.
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    I am of the view to be in the centre that is to have the disciple to a level and carefree to some extend. We all have one life and we need to have a content life and not full of rules. There is a time when we need to be disciplined and there we need to be but at times, we need to enjoy and relax.

    Some parents are very strict and discipline and their children are forced to follow it. The disciplined life teaches them every good thing but they are not able to enjoy as every time they are like in a jail full of rules and regulations, they cannot laugh loud, cannot make mischiefs, cannot party with friends, cannot have food outside, cannot go for movies, cannot spend a little on friends or picnics which make them so orthodox and reserved that when they get got of the shell they are not able to handle and fall in the trap.

    For children who are brought up in a mixed culture of discipline and free atmosphere, they understand the value of time and enjoyment and thus they try to balance both. They are more concerned, humble, friendly and liked by others. They study when they have to and enjoy as required. They understand the true value and never try to break the shell as they understand what is its importance and are family-oriented people.

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    It is important to have a discipline in line, then only we achieve things on our own. The children also when growing up must practice such attitude to become successful leaders in their career life. If the parents are not having proper discipline how can they teach their children?. If parents are not having time, it is better to place them in boarding school as both of them will be having a busy life in their career. A parent must give his affection and care towards children so that they will learn some things in their life. It is important to keep this attitude positive always so that we can achieve anything in our life. Leaving all the things to destiny is not a good approach, as we are not trying to solve the problem, rather than we are escaping from the problems. A person who is running and not able to take proper decision will always remain in a bad state.
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    I want to further add that not only the parents are responsible in bringing the children to their level of behavior and take disciplined works to the satisfaction of all but the choosing of right friends and their mingling of people in the right society matters. A mother may strive hard to bring up her child in the best way she can afford and educate all ethics but when the child mingles with less standard persons of the same area the behavior patterns of those under learned children would pass on to the child. Therefore with whom are he making friends must be closely watched and then allowed to be moved.
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    Discipline means complete assurance of certain rules. Being disciplined is also very important for the progress and personality development of the society.
    Discipline teaches self-control and dedication.

    One who cannot control itself can never control others. He should dedicate his personality in the interest of society. Discipline is a virtuous act.

    One who follows discipline. He attains heights in his life. Life of great men is an example of discipline. Great men left an imprint in their lives, as they strictly followed their aims with integrity.

    Discipline needs to develop from childhood. It cannot be developed overnight. It takes time and it requires patience. When discipline is bound, it fails to produce the desired result and thereby loses the true essence of discipline and becomes a machine rather than a human being.

    Therefore, we should try to be disciplined from the initial stage of life. Some rules of discipline should be made at school and at home. Parents, teachers and the elderly play an important role in this.

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    Discipline is important. But we should not make our children fearful. They should be having a strong temperament and should have boldness in all their dealings. Some parents in the guise of discipline make their children fearful. They will never express openly their opinion and never speak out their mind. That is never good for the real progress of a child.
    The kids will learn by observing their parents. So parents should also have the discipline. Then only children will become disciplines. The parents should teach their children what is good and how important are values and ethics in our lives. That will see the children grow properly. They should also be taught the importance of telling truth and respecting elders and the importance of our epics and how we should follow them.
    The children who were brought up in this fashion will be successful in their lives and they will achieve greater heights. The role of teachers also is very important and we should never ignore that aspect also. That is why parent-teacher interactions are very important.

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    Enforcement of discipline is a must within the kids and this should be initiated through the parents but this should not create any panic among the kids. The benifits accrued from this has to be substantiated by the parents so that they accept the same with their hearts. Punctuality, Consistency, Atticacy, Talking in slow pitch are the parts of discipline and inculcation of these qualities would make the children disciplined. Such sessions should go smoothly both in schools and homes.
    Examples are to be cited how the heads of the corporate sectors maintain their punctuality irrespective of the adverse circumstances and to reach the top level of an organisation, we need to understand the value of discipline.

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    Discipline has an important role in the development of children. Disciplined is liked by all people. Discipline makes us human being. No other animal has the capacity to follow rule and regulation like us. It is very true that children learn mostly from their parents. It is said that mother is the first teacher of child. Children learn things what see doing to their parents. Children's personality development are seen more in disciplined family. Discipline means not only have restriction in every work. In true sense it means to do work with time management. In some family parents only keep rule and regulation on the name of discipline. In that family children are in discipline because of fear. They should be disciplined from inside. They should have understand the value of family when family are in need.

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