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    After 2020, I lost faith in Astrologers

    Once upon a time, I had good faith in Astrology and Astrologers. When a blind astrologer predicted that my mother would go to heaven, it proved to be an accurate prediction. Later, I consulted many astrologers to know my future, and none could predict my future.

    Last year, in December, many renowned astrologers predicted that 2020 going to be an excellent year with prosperity, happiness, and good health for all. They all said 2020 would be a year of prosperity. But nothing good happened. 2020 proved to be one of the worst years in history with disease and disasters with the fall of the economy.

    One young boy, Abhinav by name, predicted that there would be some diseases around the world. That has been proved, but his prediction that everything would be normal by 29 May proved to be a false prediction. All astrologers who predicted 2020 as the best year are hanging their heads in shame.

    Therefore, I have lost faith in Astrologers. What about you?
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    It is only a matter of faith and belief that many such things and their perpetuators are thriving and surviving in this world. Faith is something that cannot be shaken so easily. Even the most rational and logical people on the Earth get entangled in the matters of faith and belief. There is no harm in having faith and belief in something but only thing is we should not have a blind faith in anything even in the scientific notions. New theories are always invented or conceptualised and replace the old theories or rather say old theories are dismissed with that.
    Knowledge is power.

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    The year 2020 is still running and has not completed it's age to judge, let's hope positively. We have five months in hand, any potential changes can be enforced to may the astrologer's beliefs work.
    Lead the leader

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    Sun sir,
    Astrology depends on futuristic predictions based on the movement of the various stars and some other factors also. Since one can't tell the exact future, these are merely predictions which can never be 100% correct.
    Although some astrologers have predicted that the period around the solar eclipse would be full of difficulties. But then these were also merely predictions and we can't bow down to mere predictions.
    But we shouldn't forget the fact that even after facing such a challenging situation India's economy is still standing strong as compared to the economy and situations of many other countries including the super power. Who knows with the end of covid -19 India emerges out as the strongest nation in the world or a super power in the near future, the possibilities of which are high.

    Talking about your broken faith, I want to ask a question from you - God fulfills all our wishes and desires- later or sooner or extremely late sometimes; but if one of your desires doesn't get fulfilled (may all your desires are fulfilled; it's only an example)
    Will you stop believing in God then?
    Then what made you stop believing it if you had immense faith prior.

    Faith isn't a thing to be broken, it needs to be developed more and more. And predictions will always be merely predictions, they can't become a true reality.

    Let's enlighten paths with the ray of knowledge.
    Monika Kushwaha

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    No one can exactly predict future. Even astrology gives only an indication, trend and forewarning generally. If the horoscope is accurately cast, and the astrologer who analyses is well studied, well read and well experienced, without greedy professionalism, then the predictions can be near to accurate. Most astrologers ill not disclose everything they make out from the horoscope. This is regarding individual astrological predictions.

    But when the prediction is made for a large country or the whole world it can be very general only. The individual micro effects vary as per one's individual horoscope and family member's horoscope relativity.

    There was one near correct prediction (generally) about the Pandemic. That was given by Sri Kanippayyur Narayna Namboodirippad. This was reported in media after the pandemic situation was known. The prediction was given on 13 th April 2019 in the Vishu Phalam of 2019- (for period April 2019 to March 2019).
    In that he had mentioned that due to the forward and retrograde movement of Jupiter the whole world will be suffering.

    In his prediction for year 2020 released on 31 st December 2019 also he had, highlighted about the position of Saturn and Jupiter. Both are not in good position fo the year. As Jupiter transits from Dhanu to Makaram and back to Dhanu again and change to Makaram again only by end of 2020, he predicted that there will be a total slowdown or bad impact all over the world for the whole year 2020.

    While predicting general for individual star persons he said that though there can be some progress in the year, the hindrances will ease probably only after September 2020. For certain stars he also took care to hint by saying that new ventures like new house building etc though started before April 2020 may get finished only by 2021 or 2022. He also hinted that for those who expect working abroad; or getting admission for studies, though orders and selections may come earlier the actual joining chances may start after June July etc. and happen by Sept 2020 only.

    One thing I noticed that for many stars he predicted that they may get posting related to work very near to home and there will be chance for the family to be together this year.
    He had predicted that to fully come out totally from the current recession, it will be only by 2022. In his perdition in April 2019 and in December 2019, which would have been prepared much earlier, he was consistent about a total slowdown and bad impact for whole world in year 2020. I think these are sufficient for the trend indications.

    These videos are still there in his Youtube page.

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    Some people have blind faith in astrology and some people only believe in astrology but not blindly. Some people consult an astrologer when they are in big trouble as his suggestion console them and psychologically it enables them to muster up their all guts and self confidence to come out from the trouble they're facing.

    As you know that your faith in astrology depends on truthfulness of predictions and predictions depend on movement of stars and knowing this movement of stars depends on knowledge and experience of the astrologer.

    It's entirely personal matter of people whether they've faith in astrology or not and if have then how much faith they've, however, I'm one of them who don't believe in astrology at all.

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    Perfect astrological predictions can be made only after close watch of planet movements and some planets are also moving in reverse direction which is not taken into count by some astrologers. And those who could not get their right time of birth, right time of place and right day on which they are born it may not be possible to predict in accurate way. Once I heard a popular astrologer telling on the television that astrology can be just 25 per cent right and rest is depended on the fate of the person which is already decided at the time of birth and the pre decided things cannot be changed by anyone.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Many scholars and saints and other knowledgeable people developed different methods for predictions in the past and then later these methodologies were absorbed in the respective cultures and became a way of life rather say integral part. It is interesting to note why predictions were required at the very first place. They were required because some years it rained heavily and then there was a drought. Some times calm prevailed but there were occasions when the cyclones and storms ruined the places of human habitat. Some people had good health while some died early. All these things prompted the intelligentsia of that time to devise some method to predict things. There is nothing wrong in predicting but the problem is that whether they would become true or not is a question mark. All gambling things in the world are based on predictions.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Astrology is the science of stars and is based on the position of the planets and stars in the sky that influences human life and the accuracy of it depends on mathematical calculations of planets and the person performing it. Many of us have our Kundli or horoscope and believe in Astrology, Tarot reading, palm reading, Vastu shastra, feng shui, numerology, etc and many have got it right and many have got it wrong. Every science and person practising it need to have deep knowledge about it and understand its root. We have known about many gurus and people who have predicted many things, some were correct and some did not work.

    During tough times, we tend to find relief in such and search for solutions as we don't have any control over the situation, risk and death are involved, we become more irrational and depend on such things and get exploited by men who appear like Godmen, religious, Young Turks, etc. without proper knowledge or know-how of the subject. After the pandemic and lockdown to half the year, we are all down with the predictions that were running during the end of December'19 or first week of January'20 which predicted a year like T20 full of progress, development, job opportunity, happiness, festive mood, etc but still, we are surrounded by the COVID-19 and finding it hard to be safe, make financial solutions, etc.

    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    The predictions will be based on so many points and sometimes there are chances for the prediction to go wrong. That is why people say astrology is only a guide and we should completely depend on those predictions. The accuracy of the information depends on the accuracy of inputs also.
    In some Telugu Panchangams, it was written that 2020 will be testing time for many people. They predicted problems also. But nobody predicted this much adverse effects. Anyhow, we are half the way in 2020. The vaccine is expected shortly and we may come out of virus problem.
    India is in a better position financially when compared to many other nations and there are many chances that huge foreign investment is going to come to us. It will give more jobs and money also to the country. That way India will get benefitted in the year 2020. Let us be optimistic and see that our country will progress.

    always confident

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