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    Need new, now-words have lost its value

    Just as the academic year begins students were seen busy arranging stationery, books, bags, textbooks, uniform, shoes, socks and so on. Students then would have regular classes with bridge course, class tests. Later on, the first formative test would have started by this time, if we had the regular classes.

    Teachers would suggest for projects, students tend to forget and finally remember just one-day before submission. Their words would then be "need now, new ". Now, none of the students has anything to ask their parents related to stationery items but the smartphones have taken the monarchy rule.

    How are the reactions of children's on this viewpoints? Express.
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    The situation has changed considerably. The whole gamut of activities is now not seen there. Things are switching to online and people are only interested in video conferencing apps and a good laptop.
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    Online courses are also dragging students interest towards them with scholarship benefits. So it is encouraging students to look into that angle rather than buying materialistic things.
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    True. We have taken our 2-year-old granddaughter to admit her in a playschool in February 2020. The school is good. It is a real playschool and my son paid some advance and reserved the seat. We have to make a lot of planning regarding dropping her at the school and picking her back etc. March 2020. COVID 19. Lockdown and we have decided we will not send her to school this year. No planning is required. The situation is changed.
    In the same way, many might have changes in their planning because of the pandemic this year. No Stationery, No uniforms. No shoes and No tiffin boxes. But the requirement now is a smartphone or a tablet or a laptop or a desktop. So the money required is more but purchasing is easy. Only one item that too we can order online and get it. Slowly online education will pick up and going to schools will be not a requirement in the coming days.

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    Stationery items are required though very less in number. A few days earlier, I have seen one of my friends to purchase an exercise book for his son. Since students are attending classes online, there are a lot of things that they cannot do right now. The author has mentioned a lot of things that are not required at the present moment but the focus is now on internet connectivity and mostly a computer. When a computer is not available a mobile device is required and it seems the children are spending more time with the mobile devices. Children are quite happy because they do not have to study a lot and can spend more time on mobile devices since they cannot go outside to play. They also do not have to sit for examinations at the moment. The problem is faced by the students who study in higher classes. Many of them are worried about their future.

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