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    Is Indian electronics market down due to war against China with India?

    With the rising coronavirus throughout the world and war against China with India at Ladakh, many business which depended on China to manufacture items stopped. You know that electronics or semiconductor chips for mobiles and other processors were heavily depended on China for manufacturing. So from next time, will Narendra Modi's Atmanirbhar Bharat principle be applied for manufacturing of electronics goods and making India a manufacturing hub of electronics?
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    We are in an era of international trade and definitely if we do not get some basic material or parts from China our production assemblies would be diversely affected. This happens in business often and we have to be prepared for it and find out some alternatives either in terms of changing the design or getting the same parts from a different source in the international arena albeit on a higher price.
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    Actually, there is no war going on with China. There is a major border conflict and for that reason, the government has banned many Chinese apps. Though there are no such restrictions on trades with China the business is suffering due to the pandemic. It is true that India is very much dependant on China in terms of spare parts as well as finished products but the situation has to change. Multinational companies who preferred China as a manufacturing hub because of its low labour cost is looking to some other destinations. This is high time for India to utilize the opportunity so that it can become the sought-after country in terms of manufacturing. Make in India or Atmanirbhar Bharat, whatever you may call it ultimately it's the infrastructure and willingness to work that matters.

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    Yes there has been lull in every kind of market and not only electronics, the toys and other essentials are badly hit due to face off with China. The main reason for this situation that China has been ruling the world with its products and no doubt the quality was good and wide acceptance was there. But that brought a head strong attitude in the minds of dragon country that now is the time to boss over the entire world started doing things according to its goal.Probably the spread of virus is also part of those countries which are competing with China and not allowing it to have full global reach and US could sense this overtures and from the day one when Covid 19 spread occurred. President Trump has been targeting China and by having border issue with India, the China has been fully isolated by some countries and thus India wants to have its own products and not from China.
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    There may be some problem initially. But slowly we will get the blanks filled. When there is change some initial problems are inevitable. We should not stop changing anticipating the problems. We should change and we will find solutions to the problems. There are many alternatives.
    Many countries across the globe are not very happy with China and they want to keep them at a distance. This is one advantage for India. India is having manpower. So many developed countries will be looking at India as a safe destination for their investments. In such case, we may get a major portion of the investments in the manufacturing sector in India. That will give employment opportunities to many people. That is a real push for our economy and the governments should give major thrust for this and see the investments will come to our country.
    The problems of now are temporary and we will overcome in the coming 5 or 6 months and I hope the economy will be back on rails.

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    Yes, it will cause some problems financially, but for every major change, one has to lose something. Today, there is a need for change. Probably there may be a problem for some time, but later it becomes compatible accordingly.

    There is no problem in the world whose remedy can not be found out, if it is disturbed then it will be managed soon.
    Today, India is not just such a country, but there are many other countries which are angry with China at the moment.
    It is very important for us to understand that one country should run the whole world, it should not happen, the whole world and all its countries have their own importance.
    India is a developing country where the most youth is found, so even if bad times come, everyone will fix it soon.

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