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    Time taken to get my post in Ask Experts section approved.

    I have asked questions in Ask Experts section and also answered some questions in Ask Experts section. Whenever I write anything on Ask Experts section, after writing it is said that my posts will be reviewed by Editors. I have asked a question in Ask Experts section day before yesterday and till now my question is not reviewed by Editors. How much time will it take for editors to approve whatever I write in Ask Experts section?
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    Anirban, there are many posts, questions, articles, and other material posted in this site on a daily basis and each one of that is seen by the editors thoroughly as it is a highly moderated site and no plagiarism or 'copy and paste' is allowed. There are a number of responses also to the various posts, especially in the forum section. So, depending upon the workload it takes time in reviewing them and sometimes it can take considerably long time also. What we do is we do not wait for the review but keep on our activities in sections of our interest and in the meanwhile find that our post or query or answer or article is approved or not approved. So, it is an ongoing process and we have to keep patience as a handful of editors can not give response as quickly as we desire. I have experience of working in some other sites also where the response time of the editors is tortuously long and you just wait and wait. Interestingly there are sites where you dump your material and it gets published instantaneously but you do not learn anything as no one checks it. I just wanted to share with you the process here and nothing more than that. Keep continuing your contributions as much as possible and then you would find that you do not have time to check whether your things are approved or not. All the best.
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    Anirban, please provide the URL of your posts that are pending review so that we can check it out easily. Though our endeavour is to review new posts at the earliest, it is, as said in the response above, possible that the process might get delayed at times due to different reasons. Hope you have read the Comprehensive guide for new members and also the posts to which links have been provided therein.

    We appreciate the way you have kickstarted your activities in this site and hope that you will continue with the same spirit and consistency. All the best!

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    As per the information provided by our webmaster for the new members, any content posted by new members would be reviewed and approved within 1-7 days. As ISC is a strictly moderated site, every content posted here i.e. in the forum, ask Expert section, articles, etc needs to be reviewed by our editors of the site and as hundreds of post are put forward in different sections, it may take time for the editors or moderators to review every piece of content posted. Kindly bear with it as any good content is valued and will receive points or Cc as per the content quality or coverage of the subject while you can keep on posting in a different section of your interest. Do keep in mind not to copy-paste any content as it will be deleted and not encouraged but you can give it a thought and write it in your way and present it here. Welcome to the site Anirban Roy and great going.
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