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    Can India be termed as most peace loving nation?

    If you take any country across the world there is internal problem and upsurge of the people against the government in one matter or the other. In US there has been consistent wave against the ruling government and even on small matters the public outrage is stupendous against the present government. Likewise Pakistan is facing hostile crowd against its own government and even China the people are not happy with the one sided thought process of the government. In that case can we say that India is far superior than the other countries in terms of tough decisions and yet wholesome peoples cooperation on many matter.

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    Our country is now not becoming so much peaceful. As because you know that economy of drastically because of the present government. People are losing jobs, find difficult to run a business with a very poor economic situation. Poor people are the sufferers of the country. Also by Indian Constitution you have Right to Speak but now this is lost, if yo speak, you are criminal. So if it continues, India will find difficult to maintain peace.

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    India is a peaceful peace-loving country because of its secular principles. We are the followers of Dharma and Ahimsa. Peace prevails between the religions, castes and communities. People love each other despite their religious faiths. Though there are few hardcore religious leaders and politicians who try to create problems in our country, the citizens don't follow their leaders. They value their land more than their leaders. They think differently to live in peace and harmony. Though we are divided by language, religion and culture, we all feel that we are Indians living in India.

    Despite the differences, We Indians love our neighbours too.

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    India is a peace-loving country and has been on top when we consider peace and harmony even after have so much diversity of religion, language, caste, creed, beliefs, etc. India is the second-most populous and the seventh-largest(area wise) country in the world but has been able to maintain peace within.

    At the recent time, it is facing difficulty in maintaining peace when seen from the other side. As we are watching the problem and upsurge of the people with its government in many countries, the same is reported of India by their media. If we take the CAA protest, Article 370, NRC, NPR, etc, it is depicting internal fights, misunderstanding, division, foul play, etc which is not understood or shown but is covered by the external media and is shown in their country as we watch theirs in our channel. We had internal issues even earlier but was covered but now, it is clearly shown in the media and this is not a good sign. It is like the quote," If you are good at finding mistakes in others, you must also be good at correcting your own."

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    India is a secular country but people of different religions, whose beliefs are also different, all live together.
    In such an atmosphere it is normal to have some controversy because everyone has their own rites and customs but still I believe that India is involved in a peaceful country

    Having so many different ideologies, when it comes to protecting the integrity of the country, then all the people are together on the basis of being Indian citizens, not on the basis of different religions.

    Even today, our neighboring countries dispute in some way, but peaceful settlement of India should be done.
    Therefore, India is right to be called a peaceful country.

    The Constitution of India also states the concept of its peaceful system.

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    Unity in diversity, the essence of India's ages long tradition, has been preserved so far but changing political and social scenario of the day has offered quite different narrative to other countries to interfere into the internal issues of our country.

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    India is a country where people want peace and they want to adjust themselves for peace. There different castes, languages, religions and political affiliations. But they are all united. Our country is the best example of Unity in diversity. They do agitations for the benefit of all but not for castes or religions. Separate Telangana agitation was there. All the people belonging to this area participated in that. Another issue is that most of the people have to work for their livelihood. They concentrate on their earnings so that their family will have the required minimum comforts. They have no time to waste for these agitations. Even though they suffer a little they will forget that easily and never go for agitation. Based on all these facts we can say our country is a peace-loving country. But in between some selfish political people try to create some differences and try to raise the tempers of the people. But these days people are also well matured and they are not going behind the politicians blindly. Some section of the people may go be their political leaders but the majority will know what is good and what is bad.
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    India was a peace loving country, is a peace loving country and will also remain like that in future. That is the basic premises on which our international relations and diplomacy is thriving. Only change that is now perceived is that earlier we did not show our defence and army power to the world telling that we are ready to face the enemy and would answer to its attack boldly and even give it a lesson.
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