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    What are your views on BJP Chief Dilip Ghosh recent statement on cows?

    Recently BJP Chief Dilip Ghosh told that cow's urine can be used to treat coronavirus? He earlier told that gold can be obtained or is there is cow's milk. What does he meant by saying this? Actually it is known that Hindus considered cow an important animal for religious activities and is used for worshipping. Does it meant that he want to give importance to cows just like Hindus and that's why he is saying so or he is just joking by saying so?
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    In an epidemic like Corona, which is infecting almost all the countries of the world today, it is necessary to speak carefully about any thing.
    According to Ayurveda, the "cow urine" of the desi cow is a sanjeevani. Cow-urine is like an elixir that provides a long life, gives life, revives diseases, repels disease and strengthens the muscles of the body.
    There is evidence of cow urine being beneficial, but no evidence has yet been revealed that cow urine is miraculous and can cure corona virus. Not only this, in medical science, research on cow urine has also provided its health benefits.
    Public research in the US National Institutes of Health, the AYUSH Department of the Government of India and the International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences have described Goumutra as beneficial for many serious and common diseases.
    No research has been revealed so far about cow urine which can prove that cow urine can be used to prevent corona. But it helps you in increasing your immunity so people can have it.
    Until a vaccine is made by scientists and its proper use and implementation is not being done, people should take care of themselves, follow the rules of the government and be safe.

    Swati Sharma

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    Gomuthr or cow urine is considered as Ayurveda proprietary medicine. Since the cow is the pure vegetarian animal and all its excreta are considered to be valued like cow dung and cow urine. In fact for cleanliness and shuddhi of the place and even to clean the human being from all sins Panchakavayam of the cow is given to the person. The pachakavyam includes Milk, curd, ghee, gomuthr and cow dung. All these included and made as liquid to be taken as the Panchkavyam. In villages even today the yearly death anniversaries of elders are observed only after taking the panchkavyam and then start cooking.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    The cow urine is having its use in preparing many ayurvedic medicines. My grandfather was an ayurvedic doctor. I have seen him preparing some medicines using cow urine. Definitely it has some medicinal value. But the use of this for treating Carona is not proved and I even don't whether somebody tried this. But Ayurvedic doctors say that this will improve the immunity levels of the people.
    Today in Hyderabad NIMS a vaccine for COVID 19 is administered to 10 volunteers and they are stable. If these studies are successful, shortly we will have a vaccine in the market and all of us can relieve from this coronavirus problem and all things will become normal. Hope we will become normal and have full excitement in our lives back shortly. Cow milk is a portion of very good food and it will help us in improving our immunity levels.

    always confident

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    Yes, I agree to all answers that cow's urine is extremely beneficial but why people of West Bengal specially the Chief Minister of West Bengal and TMC party hate this statement politically and call him a joker? Is there anything fun in this statement?

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    Every culture and society has such things mentioned in their scriptures or holy books or other scholarly works and we take them as correct and authentic and in many cases scientifically their efficacies are established also. Cow urine is also one such thing and there is nothing special about it except that it is considered an important thing in our culture. The problem comes when people start to politicise these things and condemn or dismiss the statements of others just showing that the person is telling an incorrect and illogical thing. When our present PM Mr Modi praised the Yoga and other Indian cultural things in front of the global community, they liked it much and have adopted it in a big way and many of our Yoga trained students are getting direct jobs abroad. So, these things have their own merit but in our own house if someone condemns it then that person is motivated by political angles and anguishes and there is nothing more than that in this matter.
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    Anirban, people holding respectable positions should refrain from making such irresponsible statements and that is why the statement by Dilip Ghosh is being ridiculed. Cow urine might be having medicinal properties but to categorically state that it can cure COVID19 without any scientific backing is misleading. We have had a Prime Minister who used to consume his urine and believed that it can help him maintain his health. But he never propagated the theory nor asked people to imbibe his practice. So, if Dilip Ghosh or members of the BJP or its branches believes that cow urine can save them from the Coronavirus, let them have it but efforts should not be made to spread such baseless information.
    “The door to wisdom is knowing yourself." Anonymous

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