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    Should the admissions of students to engineering colleges reduced or will it increased?

    There are millions of engineering graduates in India but a very few of them are employed. Students are taking admissions in engineering colleges without any aim or clue. Most of the colleges are not equipped to train the students practically. As a result millions of students are just passed out with a degree and left with no clue what to do next. Due to this plight, admission to engineering education has been reducing drastically for past few years. My point is will this admission further reduce drastically or will it increase because of rise in new age technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain, Machine Learning, Internet Of Things, etc which will be future demand.
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    The main problem is that most of the Engineering colleges in India are not equipped with the advanced syllabus and not able to give proper soft skills training in the college. This leads to many students not able to find a job in their appropriate sector. Teachers in the college are not able to motivate students who are having backlogs in the present semester. Colleges must introduce more soft skills training and must give more placement opportunities for the best and as well as for average students. The demand for Engineers will increase, as we need more skilled Engineers in different fields. At present, the students will not join in Engineering colleges, because they are not able to give promise for what they offer in the college.
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    Yes that's right but is it true that most of the engineering colleges which are below average rated will be banned and some some colleges and reputed colleges will change the curriculum of education?

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    At present the number of Enginnering colleges in India are larger in numbers. Though there are well established colleges such as IIT, Regional colleges maintaining highest standards but there are private players as well indulged in earning money with the provision of seats to the aspirants with the premium fees. This has resulted in more number of Enginners than the actual demand.
    The government has to see review this situation and a drastic reduction of the seat is required to match the demand of the industries. Such an arrangement will be benificial to both the aspirants and the industry. The aspirants would be absorbed immediately because of the demand and the industry would get deserving candidates from the premier institutions.

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    What is the use of so many Engineering colleges already existing and unable to give the right job for the candidates already gone through the exam process and passed with distinction. Engineering colleges have many streams and all the streams are ultimately directed either to software company as freshers or to leading online marketing MNC. For example a chemical engineering distinction student was offered job in Amazon and she accepted the same as trainee and now made permanent. So what is the use of studying and taking qualification as chemical engineer and ending up as the marketing executive for the MNC which does not need the qualification at all. Therefore I believe that Engineering colleges are gone waste and those aspiring to be B tech and M tech candidates may aspire for foreign jobs but not in our country.
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    This year I am expecting an increase in admissions and there will be a rush for seats, All intermediate students got promoted. In all most all the States this is the situation. They all will try to get a seat in Engineering and there will be full demand for Management Seats. But I am not sure that they will complete B. Tech successfully. The major percentage may clear and there will be demand for jobs.
    Even now there are many engineers who want to be in IT companies only but not in manufacturing industries. Many of them are going for very normal jobs where the degree is not a requirement. In the coming days, it will become very difficult for them to get good jobs.
    Many It companies started recruiting B.Sc graduates by paying less and what the work being carried out by these engineers is being carried out by these Science graduates.

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