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    100 percent worry and zero percent worry about delivery with onine shopping

    When you buy an item through online shopping, you are much worried and wait for the item eagerly with 100 percent worry about its delivery, if you have prepaid the bill amount. You would feel that you might lose your money.

    But you won't be worried at all about the delivery, if you have ordered the item with a Cash On Delivery (COD) option with a feeling that there won't be any loss if you don't receive the item.

    Am I right? Have you experienced such 100 percent worry and Zero percent worry?

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    Now going through the pandemic situation most of the delivery partners are not offering Cash on Delivery option. The main problem is that it will have contact between the people. Usually, the COD option is really good, because we must pay money only after getting the product and also we can give back the order if it is a damaged one. Online shopping sites are really good when compared with buying products from shops with a more high price. For everything buying from online is not a good option, as we can receive bad and damaged products from the sellers. Always assure whether you are getting the correct product and also receiving in good package.
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    I am doing online shopping since a long time and i place my order through online payment only. Rarely I use COD option.
    My experience in online shopping is :
    1. If i am going to buy a product from well known brand website or retail website like firstcry, flipkart, amazon etc, hardly i got worried because they are very reliable.
    2. But if I like any product from any new website where their contact details are not proper then obviously i will be worried. However, i always try not to purchase from such websites and check their contact details.
    3. Usually when we buy from top retailer websites then there is no worry about delivery, return and refund.

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    If the online purchases are made through the regular and authentic portals no issues could be found. We have received many online items as per the orders selected, booked and paid and rightly delivered by the famous portals. If there is a mention about each product that in case of any defect at the time of delivery or wrong product delivered, the customer has the right to reject and claim the money back. Once the Flipcart sent me the defective phone charger bank and I had returned the same and within seven days the money has been credited to my account. So no issues later.
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    Cash on delivery options is there for some local suppliers who started the online business very recently. We get vegetables from a local vendor who has an app called therythu. We will book today and the items will be delivered tomorrow. On delivery, we can pay cash or we pay through google pay. But amazon, big basket and other such big players are not offering and COD system. We have to pay when we place the order and they will tell us the time of delivery. Many times we will receive the material well before the time mentioned. There will not be any problem. There is a return policy also. If the article is not as per your specifications you can return the material within the specified time and they will replace. In some cases, they even pay back your money and many cases they give you a replacement only. As such there is no worry regarding not receiving the material in time may not arise. This is my experience and I don't know whether some members have a different type of experience.
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    I think it may be just co-incidence. Today I had used COD- Card On Delivery for paying for my grocery shopping done online. It was a new facility launched by a popular departmental store in our town.

    Their launch announcement gave an offer for shopping above 1000/-. Today (20th) was the last date for the offer. So I ordered grocery online opting for Card On Delivery. The delivery man bought the card swiping machine and everything went smooth. Advance payment was not there and the options were COD only-cash or card.

    With regard to mot reputed online portals the Cash on delivery is allowed in our place as there is some issue of taxation yet to be sorted out and also by the protest raised by the offline vendors. It was available earlie

    Though Cash on delivery reduces the financial risk, there are other risks like cancellation by seller himself. If the product has high, the seller will cancel the c o d sale re-announce it at a higher price. I had such an experience. The seller informed me that the particular colour mobile handset is not available and it may take a month for new stocks to arrive, he can send me another colour if I accept. I declined and he cancelled the sale. The portal then sent me a confirmation of cancellation making it as my request. I did not go for dispute as I did not lose money. I bought it from another site for a slightly higher price.

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