Let s engage people in local community work like never before

The stories that we hear from the ground in the metropolis called Chennai, is extremely encouraging. It has been reported that groups of young men and women, a good number of them IT professionals and even college teachers, continuously educating people of several localities the vital importance of social distancing and wearing masks. The social media is also ripe with other stories of how young men and women are feeding thousands of people in the small towns and even big cities.

What is important is to continuously engage young people in the local community work. It is quite likely that they can also form small groups to help the police in doing their jobs. Chennai is now recovering after a massive spread of the virus and positive cases have dropped to 1200 or less, everyday. We can safely assume that the youth have done a good job.

We need the participation of youth on a pan-India basis. When the things start improving, the local community will not only appreciate good voluntary work, but also actively support it in cash and kind. Let such efforts of voluntary youth participation become a way of life.