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    What is Real Knowledge

    What is knowledge
    After all, what is this knowledge, whoever gets the fortune of the same ……. ?????
    I believe that the definition of knowledge is different in different people and situation,
    Someone says that what is written is knowledgeable, then someone says that the priest who worships is knowledgeable. So someone says that the teacher who can teach someone is knowledgeable, then someone says that the woman who also maintains the house gives good values ??to the children, she is the most knowledgeable.
    My thinking about knowledge says that the knowledgeable person is the one who keeps himself strong according to every situation, as well as does not consider anyone less than himself.
    I believe that "a real knowledgeable person never calls another person ignorant, but he has to think that knowledge is flowing everywhere like a river, falling from the sky like raindrops, we just have to raise our hands She has to crush, "
    If all this knowledge is in the hands of a single person, then it is not possible …… then we should give what we got from this river of knowledge to others and learn something new from them…. This Art of learning is called knowledge
    This was about my thinking, knowledge , now you also give opinion about who is knowledgeable in your eyes ……
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    True. A real knowledgable person never underestimates the calibre of the other persons. They are vessels full of water and leaves full of material. They will never make big sounds or they never spill nor they never fly. Many of the persons who are good in their subject will never put off the show and they will be down to earth. Their actions will talk more than their words.
    Knowledge is like an ocean and what we know is not even a drop from it. So we should never think that we know everything. We should keep on learning and it is an endless process. Knowledge on an asset which never gets reduced on consumption. The more your share the more will be the accumulation. No thief can take away your knowledge and you will be respected everywhere if you are a real knowledgable person.

    always confident

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    Knowledge is revealed only when it is applied in some way. Knowledge also leads one to know oneself too. A person with real knowledge knows his own imitations and tries to use his knowledge for other's welfare and society's good.

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