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    How much faith do the citizens of Maharashtra have on the present government?

    Last year in November 2019, there was a Vidhan Sabha Election in Maharashtra and after that Uddhav Thackeray of the Shiv Sena Party won and become Chief Minister and Devendra Fadnavis surrendered. As it is known that this present Chief Minister has no administrative experience to handle the large state in India and Maharashtra has the highest number of coronavirus cases. Is it because of the incapability of the present government to handle the challenges of the current crisis that led to the highest number of coronavirus cases in Maharashtra? Recently, the number of coronavirus cases slowed down in Dharavi slums in Mumbai and very little cases are rising now as compared to that in previous months because of contract tracing. This contact tracing model has been praised by WHO recently. So can it be called an achievement of the Maharashtra government in reducing the coronavirus cases in Dharavi slums by allowing contact tracing there? Will Maharashtra citizens trust the present Maharashtra government more than the previous government after that not only due to containing the spread of corona cases in Dharavi but also containing the spread of corona cases in entire Mumbai by adding several beds and medical equipment even though cases in Thane and Pune are rising higher than Mumbai?
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    Not only in Maharashtra. many other states are also facing the same situation. Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi and West Bengal are also recoding very high number of cases daily. Poor people are not able to spend money and get cured. The government hospitals are not able to manage the issue. In Delhi, after the intervention of Central government there is some improvement. So if this is the criteria all the governments in the above-mentuoned States will lose the faith pf people. But there is a long way to go. Elections are not near. By that time many things happen and people may forget the issue of Corona. Many other matters may crop up and the confidence of the present governments may improve or may get reduced. We have to wait and see. It is very difficult to predict at this stage.
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    I do not feel the people of Maharashtra have time and cool mind now to think about political matters and analyse the performance of the government wearing political spectacles. People in Maharashtra may be more occupied in how to make their daily life and how to commute to work, whether they will be getting sufficient income, which al places are out of containment zone, which new place are include in containment zones ,how their children will study, when will the new admission start etc, etc. It may take still more time for them (like people in most other paces) to think on political basis. Now every citizen is same on thinking and except for those whose main occupation is politics, all others are worried about matters concerning themselves and their family.
    Let us also focus our minds to pray for a early ending of suffering all our countrymen including people of Maharashtra.

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