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    What we have earned in real sense?

    Since the day we are born, we are nourished and nurtured by our parents and relatives in a way that we can earn our livelihood in a luxurious way easily. We are taught to study well and score good marks in schools academics. Till tenth standard we have a feeling in our minds that our marks in boards should be such that we can opt for the subject we have been desiring for so long. Twelfth standard comes with another milestone which prepares us with a mindset of scoring good marks so that we can take admission in the college of our choice. After completing graduation a new phase of life starts which has bifurcated ways - of studying further and pursuing masters or preparing for some good jobs and interviews thereafter. Finally a person gets a job and starts serving honestly with full zeal so as to earn some better finances and a promotion of course.

    During the complete life span of ours what we earn in real sense?
    Education? Money ? A luxurious life? Relations ? Family ? Love ? Care ? Support?

    We simply become an ox of an animal working hard for earning something which isn't derived out of love and care completely. The family members are intact and close to us but only for some time in a day. We aren't able to love them, understand them and stand with them all the time although we show and we tell others that we are giving them time but that's not a complete reality.

    Apart from the materialistic pleasures we don't earn anything that can lead us to some spiritual comforts and pleasures. We don't earn the real education to life. We speak we have earned respect but not every person we meet respects us, we say we have earned love but not every person loves us, we say we know how to care but we don't show this care to everyone.

    What we earn in real sense throughout our lives ?
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    What we earned is nothing we can say in simple words. We think we did this and we did that. But ultimately when we look back we will not have anything to count on us. We think we have to take care of our children and they will take care of us when the need arises. But today we are seeing many parents who are spending the difficult lonely lives without any support from their children.
    We think we have many friends. Yes. You will have many people when you are in a position to help them or offer them some financial support. But you will not find a single person when there is a real requirement of a friend. You might have served a company for 25 or 30 years. But after your retirement, no one will care or not even recognise your service with a small memento. That is the way of this life and we have to go with the wind. Think of God and help people in need. These good works will come in handy when there is a need.

    always confident

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    What we have learned is nothing while we keep on earning. Because when we keep on committing same mistake again and again the very purpose of learning is defeated and thus we pretend to be learned but in real sense proved to be useless but still earn. That is the reason being so the elders must be present at the house who would be keeping us well informed about the family legacy and the rituals to be followed for each and every functions or ceremonies and if we try to ignore those valuable lessons, they we end up making grave mistakes and earn the wrath of the onlookers and other elders. So learning needs continued patronage.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Human life, which is said to be the best gift given to man by the creator, will not be an exaggeration. Because a person becomes great only when he lives till he reaches the peak of his greatness.
    He cannot become great in an hour or a day. It is also seen that even if an ordinary person does a big job spontaneously, has he become great?
    No, because greatness is the criterion on which a great person lives up to himself in all odds. That is, life itself gives man the opportunity to become great.
    The purpose of life should always be clear, so plan for whatever you want in life and try to get it
    When you are alone then the same question comes in the your mind , what did you get from life ?
    And that time your good work that you did not do due to any duty or due to any responsibility, but only for the selfless help of someone, then it is your earning of the life "The Satisfaction" which you get when you help someone.

    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    We come with nothing and so also leave the earth with nothing but throughout our lives, we run behind everything to get it for us. When we were young, our parents gave their best to make that we get the best in life from our name, clothing, shelter, education, etc. After completing our education, we start earning and then our race starts of earning to make our life more luxurious, to make our name, a house or property, bank balance, life partner, then same as our parents did for us. In the meantime, our parents get old but we are busy making the most for us and sometimes we get so busy that we don't have time for them and our family. We are busy in making the earthly things that the main essential things of life that are family, love, care, relations, helping, etc are left far behind. When we look behind, we may find that no one is standing behind us as we have come far beyond their reach and a time will come when all these material things may not be of any use to us but their talk, their company, their smile, etc but they might have left us. So never run behind material things or fame but try to take everyone along with you as it will help you to end in a contend way.
    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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