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    Antidetection Law and Politics

    Today a different form of politics is visible in the country.
    Now a days we are reading in the paper the days of events like delegates leaving parties
    Schedule 10 was added The anti defection law was enacted to ensure that a party member do not violate the mandate of the party and in case he do so he will be disqualified from participating in the election. The Anti-Defection Law allows Parliament to announce those members defected who oppose or do not vote in line with party's decision.
    so that the political system of the country remains in a proper form and the representatives of the people do their work without pressure and in public welfare.
    From time to time changes have been made in this law, after the amendments, the situation of the law today, can it disturb the politics of our country?
    When the public is choosing their representative, they vote for it after many Parameters , So is it the right way for the representative to leave such a party?
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    The anti defection law has become mockery of the constitution as every time it is misused as there are loopholes in it. Whenever a person belong to a particular party part with that party for various reasons, he should immediately resign and forgo his membership either MLA or MP. But invariably we have seen that many leaders are jumping to other parties though they are elected to a particular party. That means the mandate of the voters are gone to the wind and the same leader would seek votes from the changed party. It is the voters who are to be blamed for allowing such defections to other party.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The main problem in India is that many voters don't know the value of their vote. Many people are happy with small gains for casting their votes. They never give importance to the candidate's record. How good he is and how faithful he is and is he a loyal person to the party? These things they never bother. To which caste he belongs? To which religion he belongs? These issues will play a major role. They never see what is the developments he made to his constituency when he was there as an MP or MLA. Do they never bother how many times he changed his party for political advantage? Did he fulfil the promises he made during the last elections? These points will never come to mind. That is why we are seeing such things. The mentality of the voter is to be changed. Money and liquor should not play any important role in selecting our representatives in Assembly and Parliament. Then only things will change.
    always confident

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