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    How smart are our 'Smart Cities'?

    During their previous tenure, the NDA Government has identified 100 cities in India to give a new shape and dimension with reference to development and infrastructure and named them as 'Smart Cities'. The 'Smart City' concept was adopted to improve the pace of economic growth and generate job opportunities to the new talents in the country under the Indian Prime Minister agenda of the "Skill Development" to the youth. The technological drive will attract more youths to learn and to earn their livelihood.

    Smart City plan forms part of creating Industrial Corridors among India's big metropolitan cities with an idea of creating industrial and commercial centers known as Smart Cities along these corridors.

    Now, five years have elapsed on starting the scheme and you may too be having your own city or adjacent to your vicinity named as Smart City. Let us have an insight to these cities as to how smart they are?

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    The smart city concept was good from the central government point of you but the states which are ruled by the opposition parties are not caring such projects and neglecting the facilities created for the skill development. For example I have seen Deen Dayalu Central skill development center at Secunderabad YMCA and also near the Nampally railway station Hyderabad. To our utter dismay no such activities are taking place nor anybody being benefited through such skill development know how. It seems there should be stricter implementation of such great initiatives.
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    Smart city concept is good and started the same with very good intentions. The present Vice President of India was the in-charge minister for this ministry and good was work done initially. In East Godavari District Kakinada is selected as Smart City and Visakhapatnam was also in the list.
    The development of these two cities was very good. Very good roads and good facilities are developed. Industrial corridors were developed and a good number of small industries started and good employment potential has come. The progress was good. But after this election, the government in State changed and the priorities are changed. We are not hearing much about development. We hear more about social welfare activities only.
    From the last six months, we are all in this Virus problem only and nobody is talking about any development. So I also not aware of the changes that are taking place in these places.
    But the concept is good and if we follow that there will be a very good improvement in such cities.

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    I have observed that at the conceptual stage our plans look glorious and shining. But when it comes to implementation level all sort of problems start emerging and the net result is disastrous except a few projects where honesty and good governance in execution are present.
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    Smart City concept at the initial stage, but further the government didn't had the mileage to go up to the mark. The opposition parties are not giving any interest to it. The Modi government is looking to create more Temples rather than giving more infrastructure to our country. The healthcare facilities need to be changed and we need more hospitals to overcome this pandemic situation. The government medical colleges are now facing pressure as the COVID cases are increasing in medical colleges. Nurse, Doctor are all affected with COVID cases and the working of the medical colleges has gone to tilt. The state governments must provide help by giving funds to sustain back our health.
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