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    Corona Vaccines human trials started. How long do we wait for good news?

    Corona has shaken the most powerful countries in the world and the termoil is still not in control. The year 2020 till now has been spent in lock down in most of the countries. Now some nations have started unlock procedures to avoid the financial and economic drawbacks caused by the covid-19. But people are still scared to go out for fear of death caused by the deadly virus.

    Slowly but steadily the recovery rate of diseased people is increasing for Corona patients. Scientists and medical researchers are coming up with best alternate medicines such as plasma therapy. But every one is really waiting for the vaccines. Clinical trials are being carried out by medical researchers all over the world. Some are successful some are still into consideration for after effects. Now human trials for corona vaccine are started in India. Are you feeling hopeful? How long do you think that we have to wait for some good news?

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    Most scientists are not people-oriented. They are self-oriented. Most of the scientists, start their life with research for no one to benefit and die without any good research. The government spends crores and crores for research activities. Yet, even during the pandemic, they are unable to find a suitable vaccine. Corona started in December 2019. Good seven months lapsed. Yet they could not find a solution to the virus. Even if any other individual claims to have a suitable medicine or vaccine, the research scientists won't agree with, but find some fault in them. When there is no emergency, a slow process of finding a vaccine is acceptable. But during such pandemic where many thousands are infected in a day, the researchers should work 24x7 to put an end to this deadly virus, at the earliest. Unexpectedly, some firm from India is said to have invented a vaccine and is under trials.

    Let us hope to see a vaccine by the end of September.

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    Today we all have a piece of good news. Today clinical trials for Vaccine for Coronavirus are started. The Hyderabad based Pharma Company Bharath Biotech developed a vaccine with the cooperation from Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and National Institute of Virology (NIV), Pune. Today the same is administered to two people in NIzams Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS), Hyderabad. There are no negative or adverse effects and the people are maintaining normal. If these trails are successful by August 15th we will have a vaccine ready to fight out COVID 19. Let us hope that the trials will go as planned and we are will be safe with that vaccine.
    II am hopeful that the vaccine will work positively and COVID problem will be solved with this vaccine. We should all congratulate all the scientists involved in developing this product.

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    The scientist and health sector people should be convinced of the effectiveness of the vaccine in all categories of people based on gender, age group, geographical residence and other vulnerabilities.
    The testing can be done only in monitored stages. All the categories cannot be tested at the same time. Then they have to follow up for some more time to know whether the specific immunity is lasting and how much lasting. Only after ensuring the expected positive results can the vaccine be released to universal use.
    Considering the urgency of the situation the scientific community, health community and administration may take a considered decision to reduce the time frame if there are no adverse results and trends go as expected positive way. The vaccines may be administered with close monitoring to compensate for the allowed reduction in testing period.

    Let us hope and trust the vaccine will be available to all very soon. My personal feeling is that the vaccine may be coming out for more open(but restricted) use by October and will be available for universal use by the end of the year.

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    There has been virtual fight between many countries to develop the first vaccine of the world and that pride should go to them. Yesterday even Oxford has informed that they are into clinical trials of the vaccine and soon good news would be out for the mankind. In India the Bharat Biotech with ICMR support and Serum Institute are in the verge of achieving the success and even two patients were administered with the trail vaccine in Hyderabad NIMS hospitals and they are seems to be stable. So If India is going to break the news of vaccine find then that would had further prestige as we would be the trend setter in the world and many countries would be ordering the vaccine and India would become more famous. But in the finding of vaccine there should not urgency and much care has to be taken before announcing the same,
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    Establishing a drug or vaccine clinically is a time taking process and many times when it fails new trials are to be initiated with other formulations. So, hopefully we may succeed this time or go for other potions that only time would tell. Many countries are in the fray to find a solution and it is likely that such a tremendous participation of labs and scientist would bring some positive results in the time to come.
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    Making a new drug or medicine needs more time in testing in people, as development should not go badly. Even some firms are coming with clinical trials and more in progressing stage. This pandemic has shown that the research scientists need to work more for finding the best drug for the virus. The healthcare industry needs to show a more responsible approach and must build some unique methods to overcome this situation. The cases are increasing day by day and it is high time to introduce some drugs against this deadly virus. We can hope that the best will come out one day.
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    Though Bharat Biotech has come up with a vaccination relating to COVID 19 and now it will go for human trials. So far 1800 people have been registered so that the trial could be initiated with the people registered already. Let us hope the trial goes smoothly and acts on the immunity of the people so that this virus can be handled effectively. Trial runs and disclosure of its subseqent benifits would take additional time may be a couple of months. Hence the revealation of the favourable results and stepping up of its production in a giant way would consume time of its own. Hence, we need to be careful till it is finally approved. Restricted movement and that too with masks are the solutions at the current time.

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    Although the vaccine human trials have started by some labs or companies, it will take at least 2-3 months for launching a safe vaccine in the market for the public. The human trials for new vaccines are the most critical step that needs to be monitored with accuracy. So, we can accept a safe vaccine for corona mostly by this year-end. It is because, once a vaccine get final approval, the manufacturing of the same at this vast level will again take some time.

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