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    Did you enjoy studying by yourself or with friends?

    During school days, when a major test or exam was imminent, we would try to study during the long mid-day break after lunch, sitting in the corridor or finding a quiet corner somewhere. Some of us would prefer to sit with one or two classmates and throw questions to each other which we thought would be asked in the paper and help each other out on how to answer it. In college days, there would be a bigger campus with a reading room in the library as well to study. At home, some of us may have visited a friend's home to study together.

    We've had expert answers on whether studying with a friend is better and on the benefits of group study, basically referring to the pros and cons of both. In this thread, let's keep that aside and share some actual experiences of study times. How many of you studied by yourself and preferred this to group study?
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    No. I studied myself in a lone environment. Those days, my house was not electrified. I read with a small kerosine filled chimney lamp or hurricane lamp and under the street light or a park light. So, there is no question of studying as a group. During examinations, I consider friends as a disturbance. If we sit together for studies, we tend to discuss unwanted matters and lose concentration on the subject. There was no facility to sit and study in a library. The past days were different than the present days.

    I used to study from 0500 hrs to 0630 hrs without any disturbance. That's the best hours to study to upload the subject into my brain to retain it until the examination.

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    Combined studies will be good if our friends are also on same level as us. If we understand the issue slowly we may require a little more time but if the other person understands the issue faster than us he will lead the table and we will also follow him without getting a complete grip on the chapter we studied. So in such a case, it is better if we study alone. We know where we have to spend more time and where we can be fast.
    I always used to study alone and never preferred combined studies. I used to stay alone and read as much as I can. I used to go to sleep early and get up early morning at 4. 00 AM and spend 2 hours on reading. I used to feel that time as the best time to understand the subject better. During my Post Graduation, I used to stay with my seniors in the hostel and they all used to study combinedly. Then I used to go to another room where there is nobody and used to study there.

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    I had enjoyed both combined stud and studying solo without others disturbing me.
    Like SuN, my house also was not electrified and I studied in the light of Kerosene lamps and Hurricane Lamps.
    But one of my friends had a bigger house with electric lights. Hence we four or five classmates used to assemble there for combined study. My friend had learned to use current without it being recorded in the meter. So we used to keep awake the whole night and study and sleep the day full. By about two or three in the early morning, he used to make black coffee/tea using an electric coil heater. We others used to ring biscuits etc taking turn every day.
    We had full freedom in that house because that friend hadtill then, never passed a qualifying exam in first chance, but passed in first chance and scored good marks after we started combined study. The degree course also he passed in first chance itself and we all got first class or high second class.

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    Morning hours set a good environment for studies. I would read alone with a loud voice. I do not prefer combined reading as it leads to more gossips rather than regular class.
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    I always liked to study myself as I had a different way of studying. I never studied more and usually made some jotted points and elaborated on them in my own way. Other students were studying in a different and common way. They were mostly cramming or remembering the whole thing as it is. So, our ways never matched and I remained studying myself within my own. Some fellow students sometimes came to me for some clarifications and notes but I had none and I gave them only the jotted points. This type of study helped me much and I secured a good score in my PG exam.
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    For me studying self is the best way of gaining knowledge without disturbance and distractions. I have been asked and demanded by the co students for combined studies after the school hours, but I felt inconvenient for the reason that the gathering would be more in gossiping about others and less on the studies. Moreover all the other students are living nearby school but I have to catch the local train which runs on time. However due to their insistence I would spend some time with them up to the railway station and then after our train leaves they disperse. I am totally against the combined studies,
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    For me studying alone was good and only a few times I had gone for combined study. It is difficult to gain knowledge if we are not on the same level of thinking and another one is a disturbance which is not good for me. I usually tend to wake up early in the morning and then continue my studies. Sometimes I make appointments with my friends and tell them to wake me up in the morning. It was a fun day at the hostel and usually, most of them were either studying alone.
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    During my school days up to class VI, as I remember faintly, I had some combined study sessions with some of the boys of my class but that was basically on the insistence of my father as he believed that I would learn from them. Anyway, later in my student life I never did any combined study. One main reason for not doing that was when I reached my class XI, due to financial reasons, I had to start some tuitions to teach the students of class IV and V from where I got some good remuneration and managed my extra expenses which were not provided to me by my lower middle class parents. So for me there was no situation to enjoy studying with my classmates.
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    I used to enjoy reading with friends when I was in school, but when it was something to remember, I thought it appropriate to wake up early in the morning and read alone.
    My way of studying was to get up early in the morning to read difficult topics and then read the whole day a little.
    People adopt different methods for studies, be it in groups or in private, but it is important that your attention is in studies, because both methods have their advantages.

    After becoming a part of the study group, you have to be more serious about your studies. The reason for this is that the preparation of each member of the group will depend on the preparation of the other member. If you do not prepare well, then the study of other members of the group will have a bad effect.

    Many people hesitate to ask questions in class. Group study is very beneficial for such students. They can easily ask their questions in their study group.

    Group study provides support during study or preparation. If for some reason your motivation to study decreases, then other members of the group motivate you.

    Members of the group also listen to new information and concepts during study sessions and discuss them. In this way, you will also develop the qualities of a good listener and speaker.

    Every person has some additional qualities. Maybe you get some ideas from your friends that you are not even thinking about.

    Not only this, you can also get a new study Habit from group members.

    You can compare class notes with other group members. Such things, which are left out of noting in class, can be completed.
    Advantages of Self study:
    On reading alone, the mind does not wander around. The entire focus is only on studies because there is no one together.
    You can adjust the environment around you.
    You can set the time and time table according to your own.

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    I used to study with friends most of the time. I was in the hostel since my primary schooling and friends are an inseparable part of my life. We followed divide and explain procedure to study in which we used to divide the chapters among us and then we were supposed to study those chapters. At the end of the day, there used to be a group study session in which all of us were supposed to explain our chapters to all.

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    I like to do combine studies as sitting alone is boring for me. I do self-study also but I prefer having combined studies. I also have an experience like that mentioned by Venkiteswaranji(#704715). While doing my engineering, we 5 who stayed nearby-by had formed a group and did late night combined study. As we stayed in Navi-Mumbai, we all took turns and kept one-one day in each one's house. We all had freedom in every house and we could make tea or coffee accordingly or sometimes drive to the bus-stand to have a break and have tea in the early morning say 2:30 or 3:00 am. We all had favourite subjects and each would be the teacher for that subject. We would first go through the chapter, then explain what we understood which help everyone to catch the main points and even explain with an example. In this way, we could cover 2-3 chapter or sometimes upto 5 chapters in a day. Some times we would just finish 1 chapter and then play. There was no restriction. We all passed the exam and continued the same in each semester and it helped us to clear without having a KT.
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    Combined studies between the two friends would certainly be helpful provided both are realising the need of the hours. The study would go smoothly making you clear chapter by chapter. But the basic necessity is to understand the mind frame of the other friend. I used to enjoy such a combined study in my secondary schools. We both were benifited under such a routine. There was no distraction at all during our involvement.

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