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    What will be the impact of advertisements on product sales?

    We see many advertisements in many places. Starting from the walls of the house, newspapers, TV channels and various sites on the internet, roadside holdings, everywhere we see advertisements. But how many people will be getting attracted to the product by seeing these advertisements? I don't think none of us will watch the advertisement on TV and we will change the channel if an advertisement comes. Even in the newspaper also we will never read an advertisement completely. Even when we browse various sites also we will never concentrate on these advertisements. Then why the companies are spending so much money on advertisements. In some cases, the advertisement cost is higher than the manufacturing cost. Instead of concentrating on the product quality why they are more focussed on the advertisements.
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    Even if we change the channel of TV, but again and again we face advertisements. Nowadays, the facility of skipping advertisements on social media over the net is also being removed. ........ The ads are made in such a way that it settles in our subconscious mind, which we can not remove from the mind even if we want to do so.....

    Whenever there would be a matter related to it, it will start making his image of the advertisement in our mind

    Man uses and consumes various things to make his life comfortable. He started to feel that consumption is happiness. Western consumerism is being affected by that, by taking advantage of this, the producers present their goods in front of them by exaggerating them. This is called advertising. Nowadays its publicity has become so much that the present is being called the era of advertising.

    All the purchases are made, we buy them by viewing and assessing various types of advertisements, whether it is a refrigerator or sofa or washing machine or television or mobile phone etc. See the criteria of different brand items shown in advertisements, such as the item is not too expensive, is economical, is of good quality, is with guarantee and warranty etc.

    We will get advertisements of all such things in today's era, whether it is a piece of land or flats or jewelry or clothing or vehicles etc. of big cities. If seen, advertising is a very important thing, yes of course, if the advertisement is present around us, then we are able to get information about all the items and as a user it becomes easy for us to make a purchase.

    Swati Sharma

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    We all come to know about a new product by their advertisement in newspaper, TV channels, social media, hoardings, pamphlets, internet or sites, walls, etc. It is right in saying that we turn the paper or change the channel or skip the advertisements but it plays for some 5-10 sec before we change and when such advertisements are repetitive, it gets stored in our mind.

    Just think about some products that have made it in everybody's mind that we know that thing by their name and not by what it is. For example, we commonly ask for Colgate and not toothpaste, We ask for Ariel/Rin/Tide and not washing powder, etc. Advertisements play a big role in selling the product that is why a company shell out money for such advertisement and promotions of their product which catchy slogans or taglines that it should be on everyone's mind.

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    Good question asked by the author. Some companies have the necessities to retain their customers as the competition is fierce and tense. Even one day away from market would make other new players to enter and grab the place for introducing their product. We know toothpastes, shampoos, detergents and cool drinks are daily purchased and used as per our liking to famous brands. But suddenly when a new cool drink is advertised with some tangy taste and wonderfully visualized ad on television we tend to purchase the same and try the new taste. So the original companies get rattled with that gap and thus they keep on advertising.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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