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    It's time India goes vocal about Tibet's independence

    One can very well understand that China is a militarily strong nation and it is not easy for any other nation to take a stand against it. But then, how long can the world accept such deplorable behaviour by a country, which has been in recent times acting very irresponsibly with its neighbours, be it India, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam or Philippines. It is even acting very cowardly against its own people in Hongkong. And what to speak about Tibet? Historically it was never a part of China. Most of its past, Tibet had been an independent empire and culturally very different from the Chinese. It was in 1951 only that China took full control of Tibet and has been ever since calling it as part of China. Not satisfied with Tibet alone, it also aiming for Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh. So it is high time, India goes vocal and says a big no to such arm twisting tactics by its truant neighbour, which has been a big bully in recent times. It is time India speaks for the Tibetan people and advocates for Tibet's independence. It is time nations like the US, Australia, UK, India, Japan, Australia, Taiwan and others come together and confront the dragon upfront. It is high time, China's expansionist ambitions be nicked right away in the bud, before it is too late.
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    I don't think it's a wise opinion. If India raises Tibet issue on international platform, surely China will get exasperated, as the repercussion China will definitely rake up Kashmir issue and it'll strengthen Pakistan's stand on Kashmir.

    I think India should mobilize the countries which are angry with China instead of speaking on internal issues of our enemy and venturing out to direct confrontations.

    Our PM is reported to have met Chinese president 18 times till date but we have not seen any sign of friendship from China. Reason is that China isn't a country to be trusted as a friend. It always backstabs.

    Chinese policy is 'move 4 steps forward- retreat 2 steps backwards' and by this policy China has been encroaching our lands for decades.

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    India must untie knots with china government, as they are not a trusted friend or neighbour to us. They are always demanding more lands which are residing in India and they are making new developments in our lands. The PM has met china PM for more than 18 times since then we have not met our goals to date. It is high time to withdraw their requests and must bring more countries against china and it must do some favour for our government.
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