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    When I happened to like poetry

    Undoubtedly, to write poem is beyond capacity of most people and also not a cup of tea of everyone but time comes when such a novice begins to take interest in poetry whether or not he knows poetry and often it happens when he nerves to take to his crush. It happened with me too I candidly admit it when I ventured out into this field devoid of any credential though. The matter stands thus that I was searching something in worn out things casted in a box as junk I, out of blue, found my dear old friend- My diary I would share my secret matters wherewith and it made me recollect all forgotten remsciencs.
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    Writing a poem needs some thinking about our creative work. Often we need more topics for thinking to write a poem and when we write on paper, some things get missing on it. Often we must think out of the box for getting more topics for writing a poem.
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    Well said that writing poems is not everyone's cup of tea as it needs deep knowledge of the subject and language. When we read any poetry, we will understand the full theme of what the poet want ot say. Many say that a poem can be interpreted in many ways, it can be as per what the poet thought while writing and the other how the reader thinks it can be. While writing a poem, we have to keep in mind that the lines are in rhyme or sync with the above or below, it is in continuation with the thought, the words used depicts the correct meaning that the charecter potrays, etc.
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    True. Writing prose is easy than writing a poem. There will be more rules and regulations to follow when we want to write poems. In Telugu grammar, the rules and regulations for a poem are dealt with in a big chapter and all the poets should follow those points without fail when they go for writing poems. I don't have any idea about other languages. But all can't write poems so easily. A lot of vocabulary is required and good creativity is also required. Once in a while, we will be seeing some poems in this section by some members. A poem is a good medium to express our thoughts in a very beautiful way.
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