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    COD denotes Card On Delivery too

    I the context online shopping COD stood for Cash On Delivery. It was very convenient to the buyers especially those who are first time buyers or buying from new sellers. Usually when dealing with an online portal for first time or buying product of new seller buyers opt to COD. That reduces the risk for the buyers.
    But today I found that COD can mean Card On Delivery also. A local departmental store had announced that they have started online shopping and home delivery. The payment choices were Cash on delivery and Card on delivery. I ordered and opted for card on delivery. The delivery person brought the card swiping machine with him. The transaction went smoothly. Of course I had used sanitizer to sanitize my card and my hand after the swiping and entering my pin.
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    Last year, I read somewhere that Card swiping on the machine brought by the courier is not safe, and there is a security risk. Hence, I don't allow to swipe my card. I always pay cash and take delivery.

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    This is good news that when the delivery person brings the card swiping machine with him and that would be greater convenience for us as we can pay the amount with ease. Some times we may not have the adequate huge cash at the home and card on delivery is best option. By the way due to lock down the usage of digital payments has gone up and those going to the ATM has reduced drastically and even the banks are closing the ATM in the guise that no one using them, But unfortunately they are not putting the money in the tray and thus people shy away from those regular ATMs which are always dry.
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    These days there are many choices to pay for the delivered item. Paytm, Google pay, etc are there where you don't require to swipe but you can carry out the transaction and pay through your mobile. Many local suppliers who are taking orders online are giving the option of payment on receipt. But they are not allowing Credit card. I never heard that somebody is bringing the machine and getting payment through card. I am hearing this for the first time. I think slowly this concept will also pick up. A good alternative for payment on delivery.
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    @SuN #704721, there is risk associated in any dealing in our life. We cannot avoid risk hundred percent and there is nothing hundred percent safe. There may even some unknown risk attached to some. We have to choose an optimum one considering convenience, comfort, benefit and risk.
    We can have a card with a reasonable upper limit for using for online transactions. There are now facilities to 'lock and unlock' cards as per our need and convenience.
    If it is net banking we may use a particular account with limited balance (so as to reduce loss in case of fraud happening) for online transactions.
    We have to take possible prudent precautions and take prudent calculated risk also. In life we cannot avoid risk totally nor can be safe hundred percent.

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    Now payment- process has been easy, not necessarily, we should have sufficient cash at our disposal while taking the delivered item. even Paytm, Google Pay, Debit Card would serve our purpose. Thinking about touching the debit card during these days of spread of corona virus, we should be a little bit careful. But even the cash - transaction is not safe in the present scenario so think of the safe way of negotiating a purchase. There is always risk in all the modes of transaction but we need to seek some safe way of payment. Hence Paytm comes in to resolve our issues.

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    Yes. Paytm is a very suitable money transferring apps. I was not aware of Paytm. When I went to get a fastag for my good old Padmini, I was compelled to open a Paytm account. Thereafter, I found it easy for easy money transaction. Even I can pay a simple Rs. 10/- using Paytm. But at times, my Paytm doesn't work due to poor internet connection. In that case, I need cash to pay.
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    It's good to know that such a facility is being provided by some online stores. Though I am hearing this for the first time, it's a good initiative. Depending on its popularity, it may find its use with many other stores and ultimately if it becomes very popular then COD will be known as Card On Delivery only.

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    Woww it sounds good ...........This is Good way to pay

    Today, it is very beneficial understanding of the era of social distancing.

    If every customer is sanatizing the hands and once the payment process has been done , then the card is sanitizing again , then there is a lot of protection from the virus by paying.

    By applying these small new ideas, we are making a big change.

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    This facility has started in many places and as number of home deliveries of merchandise are on the rise many delivery boys are bringing the machine with them. The shopkeepers are also sending the machine through the boy who is bringing grocery to our house.
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    I was more attracted because for both cash and card te abbreviation is COD.That interested me. Plus, it was the first time I was using it. I had been doing online tranactions for last many years and never had occasion to use Card on Delivery facility.
    Any business wil progress only if there is more and more innovation to facilitate consumer convenience and comfort.

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