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    What is more challenging - Posting a thread or a response to a forum post?

    After participating in the A thread a day challenge contest and continuing in the series as suggested by a member in this thread and posting continuously one thread each for 20 days since 1st July, It appeared to be an uphill task to create a thread on varied topics without touching the area already dealt by other members. In this process, it was very difficult to attend to other threads and post relevant responses as all threads were of significance and interesting. For me, posting a response to other threads became a tough task, rather it became easier to post a thread a day at my convinient time.

    In the intial years, there were times when the quota of 15 threads in 5 days or so were exhausted and waiting for the release of the next slot, perhaps in a hunt for points and reaching the levels Silver, gold and diamond etc.,. Personal reasons may too be attributable for slowing down the innings here. But in this challenge series, I found posting a suitable response to other threads is rather more tougher job than posting a thread.

    What about you - posting a thread or a response?

    #21st thread in the self-challenge series A thread a day challenge
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    It is challenge for both raising a thread and even giving proper reply to the hoisted posts. Why creating a thread is challenge because, it should not be a repeated topic which has already appeared in this site, the thread should be beneficial and informative and also should have scope to interact. And we may strike a good heading for the proposed new thread but we fail to tone the good content and thus the thread raised would fizzle out. But giving response to the threads is also challenging because one should have the knowledge and idea of the topic thus posted and give the apt response. But for me I am comfortable at both. For me raising a thread has been a passion and I feel more comfortable and even enjoy in creating a thread, If one has the keen observing tendency in their life new threads can be raised and members threads can be responded with ease.
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    When we post a thread then we can post the most difficult one also as others have to answer it or suggest their views on it. I think it is easier to post a thread. Responding is difficult because we have to suggest or give view which might not be helpful in solving the issue and most of the times our response would be childish (except a few of them). So I would prefer to float a new post rather to respond to the already existing one.
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    For me responding to one thread was a difficult task, as the topics are varied and need some to understand the topic. Creating a thread a day was not a problem, but we need to think about new topics which were not mentioned by any other members in this site. Finding new topics is also a big problem, as we have different task for our family and also our personal commitments to our official job.
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    Posting a new thread which is now covered or posted before is more challenging for me. When I talk about posting a new thread, it needs to be unique, should have content, should cover what the title depicts, should not be repetitive, be crisp, to the point and fresh.

    When it comes to posting a response to others thread, you already have the matter and most the times, have other members comments. If we read all that, we can easily come up with our point of view to the post and post our reply. The reply can be in favour or oppose but it is just our point of view and what we think about the subject.

    As written above and reply from other members, both Posting a thread or a response to a forum post is difficult at times but for me posting response depends upon the topic and my view so it comes out easily but when I have to post a thread, it takes lot of time to wrap up my text and length of the post to make it precise and discussive.

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    For me, both creating a thread and posting a response to a thread are easy. There are plenty of things to think about and raise a thread. And while responding, the other members' responses make it easy for me to post a response. During the contest, I could post 30 threads while the requirement was only 15. And I am continuing with my threads to go with Deepti Sriram as a challenge to complete my 27 days.
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    We have a choice in selecting the topic for our post. But if we want to respond to a post there is no choice. We should read the thread and the most relevant matter is only to be given in our response. Our experience in the context of the thread or our understanding of the subject matter is very important. Then only we make a possible relevant response. Of course, there is a choice that you leave the thread without responding. So I feel responding to a topic is a real tough job.
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    By the way, I am a new member on this, but as far as my experience is concerned, both are difficult and easy too.

    As much as I have understood, the matter here is of your interest in the subject in which you have more interest and knowledge, you will do both the work on that subject in the best way.

    Apart from this, when you ask questions and in both the situations, you have to reach your thinking to others.

    Both are platforms where you share your thoughts and learn new ideas from others by knowing their thoughts and experiences.

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    In the context of the challenge, I found myself consciously applying my thoughts to coming up with a topic good enough for forum discussion, whereas outside of the challenge somehow or the other some sort of topic would pop up in my mind in a natural way. So in that sense, it was not tough as such, but just a bit more of an intense focus than usual during the challenge.

    In the case of responses, though, I was totally flustered. On one day I even opened nearly a dozen threads in a dozen separate tabs and told myself that I would post a response in each and every one. It was a total flop! After responding in one or two, I simply ran out of time. In fact, very frankly, both then and now, I feel guilty that I am merely trying to selfishly concentrate only on my own mission of submitting a thread a day. Why can't I find that elusive 25th hour to respond as well and be a more active forum participant?

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    Jagdish, I could connect to you regarding the days when we used to exhaust our thread post counts and were forced to wait...
    Now, I think it no more applicable. The family has grown bigger and there are many smart members who keep on putting new threads with a lot of brainstorming.
    I have problem in posting a thread as I think that a thread post should be unique and should bring in others to the discussion table. I just don't post a thread which has to be similar to the other threads already posted in the forum.
    Posting a reply is also not an easy task but not as troublesome as post a thread. There are few members who have been on this website for years together. While replying to their thread I take extra care. Posting reply is either you agree with the author or disagree. In both the cases, you have to be smart enough to advocate your angle in a proper and simple manner.

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    To post a quality tread or quality answer are both not so easy.
    However if we have to just churn out something ten posting a thread or answering thread are both easy.
    However applying a reverse logic, I feel that posting thread is relatively easy for members because it is for posting thread that there s a limit or number retriction.

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    For me, raising a unique thread and to post a suitable meaningful response in a thread- both are very difficult tasks. Many times, I get attracted to a thread and read that but then I find nothing additional to post as a response there and I close that thread without posting a response. In fact, during the contest, posting one new thread everyday thought used to eat up all my time and then I merely managed to post my own thread every day and just a few responses.

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