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    How many hours do you Sleep?

    Earlier due to our official work and stress, we were not able to sleep properly. When COVID pandemic has hit, it has affected to our job. Some of them are working from home, and some have lost their jobs and many of them are not able to sleep properly with tension arising in their family. For me sleeping 5 hours is good, as I have time for work and able to adjust it with my family. How many hours do you sleep daily?. Has COVID pandemic hit our daily routines in life?. Suggest your views and suggestions on the topic.
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    Coronavirus weakens a person's immune system. Also, the worst and worst effects of this epidemic are on the weak immunity system. According to reports, people with better immune systems are more capable of combating this virus. In the era of covid 19, there are various types of prescriptions and supplements to boost immunity on the Internet.

    Improving the immune system is not very difficult. The simplest solution is good and sound sleep. Doctors say that in their experience the easiest and better way to boost immunity is to get enough sleep at least 7 to 8 hrs . According to Dr. Steven, sleep is not a pillar of health, but it is the foundation on which whole health, including immunity, stands.

    Sleep is a natural and necessary in our routine. It relaxes our body and brain and gives us energy which is necessary to live a healthy life. Deep and total sleep provides complete relaxation to our mind and body, which makes us feel fresh and energetic. Problems such as sadness, weakness, weakness, laziness arise in a person due to incomplete or deep sleep.

    - Sleep affects our arteries. Not getting enough sleep is more likely to cause blood pressure and high cholesterol and it also has a bad effect on the heart. It is necessary for an adult person to get 6-8 hours of sleep.

    - Improper sleep increases stress and may cause high blood pressure. High blood pressure gives rise to heart diseases while deep sleep keeps the person away from all this.

    - Those who work awake till late night are more likely to get breast and colon cancer. According to research, bright light affects melatonin hormone. This hormone helps in bringing about sleep. The lack of light and sleep leads to the development of tumors or lumps that give rise to cancer.

    - Due to the complete and adequate sleep of the night, you feel energetic. Being full of full energy, you are able to work well and do not feel tired.

    - People who have enough sleep have good memory. They understand things more quickly and remember them for a longer time.

    So Sleep well and stay healthy.... Have a healthy life..

    Swati Sharma

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    I do not have any specific time to sleep. Generally, I go to sleep after 2300 hrs and wake at 0600 hrs. But these days, I am not getting proper sleep at night. I go to sleep at 0300 hrs and get up at 0900 hrs. Again I go to sleep at 1500 hrs and sleep upto 1800 hrs. So, I sleep for 9 hrs a day. COVID and lockdown has affected my daily routine and made me lazy. However, I am busy with ISC.
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    COVID-19 has indeed affected many in terms of job, money, education, socialising, sleep or health etc. One one side, we can be with the family, eat homely food and be free but on the other side, we have tensions about our children's education, bills, loans, EMIs, groceries, etc as many have half payment and some have even lost their jobs.

    Getting sound sleep depends upon how relaxed or free you are and not how many hours we slept. If we can get 5-6 hours of quality sleep than that is equivalent to 8-10 hours of sleep. I usually go to bed at 11:30 Pm and get up at 6:00 Am during my office days and on my off days I get up by 8:00 Am. Even though I am sleeping 6 to 7 hours, it cannot be said as quality sleep, I get-up frequently and that breaks my sleep. I hardly get good sleep and that is the 1st phase of my sleep i.e. till2:00 Am after that it is just lying on the bed bot, not proper sleep.

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    For me six hours of the sound sleep is enough to get ready for next day chores. I go to sleep by 9.30 pm and wake up at 3.30 pm. And to my astonishing I would wake automatically without any alert or alarm and the body has been practiced to wake up in time. Let it be any season or any place, my timing of sleep is confirmed and even during the train journey the same thing would happen and I would woke up at that time. While other passengers would be having nice sleep at that wee hours, I have the habit of keeping wake up and that may even confuse the passengers who are entering the compartments at that hour.
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    Generally, I sleep for 7 to 8 hours, Day time I never go for sleep. In the night I will go to bed around 10 PM but by the time I sleep, it will be around 11 PM only. I will get up at 6 AM. That is sufficient. COVID brought a lot of change in my lifestyle. I used to go to other places for work-related activities. Now I stopped all those journeys. So my activity is very less these days and a lot of free time. But I will not sleep during day time. I may be spending my time online only. I started writing some poems in Telugu and also I am writing some articles on Industrial safety and pollution control.
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    A good sleep of 6-8 hours is necessary for good health. The sleep of fewer than 6 hours and more than 8 hours may adversely affect our health. So, we should remember to take a sleep of 6-8 hours a day. I generally take a sleep of 7hours in the night and 30 minutes in the noon. So, in a day I take a sleep of 7 and a half hours.
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    I am a bit underprivileged in this matter as since my student life my sleep is always a bit disturbed and not sound. It is said that for a good health a sound sleep is a must. I do not have that and probably that could be the reason for my various ailments that I am suffering and already have undergone a few operations. It is said by the experts that a minimum of 7-8 hours sleep per day is necessary for body to repair the damage done during the active time in the day. Scientist and medical persons also recommend good sleep as a pre-requisite for good health.
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    Nowadays I feel properly refreshed in body and mind only if I get a good sleep for 8 or 9 hours. But because of my late sleeping habit, I do not get continuous 8 or 9 hours sleep at night. Many times I am woken up by a phone call (right or wrong) or some other disturbance. I try to compensate this by taking a nap in the afternoon. Some days I get up late in the morning and so get sufficient sleep. Occasionally for some purpose I have to get up very early and miss a few hours sleep, which I may cope up in the afternoon or going to sleep early that night.

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