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    Was gangster's enconter fair?

    As we all know, few days before, Vikas dubey who allegedly killed 8 policemen on the spot and himself got encountered in the same city. Was his encounter fair? Was it pre- planned or a real encounter. And what if it was pre- planned, does he deserved the punishment, the way he was encountered or killed?
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    This gangster has killed many people who were a notorious criminal in the UP government. He has killed 8 police officers and it was high time for the police to get cached in jail. When bringing him from a place, he tends to escape and made firing against police officers and that made them kill this gangster. Earlier we have seen encounters to take these gangsters into account. Mumbai has seen more gangsters and many of them have been killed in an encounter or got punished in the court. The one that is missing and wanted by the Indian government is Dawood Ibrahim and now he is living safely in Pakistan with the help of their government.
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    Do we have to discuss whether it was pre-planned or a real encounter, does he deserved the punishment, etc when you have mentioned that killed 8 policemen on the spot. Now, what can we say of such gangsters who have so fear or sympathy for others? We have human rights and many such people who still feel that such people should be kept for years, feeding them and giving good facilities for years in jail as we had seen of 26/11 terrorist Kasab. We have also seen many criminals who while going to jail is thin but after their term is over, they come out stout as if they were on vacation or treatment. Why do we waste our tax money on such gangsters or criminals who don't have sympathy on common people? Can we say that it was fair for Vikas Dubey to kill 8 policemen who were on duty? What about their family, their children, their education, their parents, etc. It is not that we are harsh on them but we need to look from others point also. Either we need to make amendments in our law so that instead on stretching cases for years, they should be completed with a span of 6-1 year so that they get punishment if found guilty or released when found free. In this way, we will save them and our tax money.
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    I say what police did is correct. When he killed 8 police mercilessly we even don't know why he killed. But when Police killed him in an encounter we are all having so many doubts When the culprit is trying to run away and kill the police they have to see that they will be safe and they should save themselves. It is immaterial it is preplanned or happened just like that. We should appreciate the police for what they did. Otherwise, he will be in jail and he has to be taken care and the government has to spend money from their income.
    Is it correct to kill so many policemen like that? Police are the persons protecting the civilians and seeing that Law and Order are maintained. They don't have their time and they will be 24 hours on duty.

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