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    Impact of student on digital means of learning

    Is the contemporary way of teaching with digital boards better than the traditional one using the blackboard? Share your analysis of the pros and cons of digitalized teaching in the classroom.

    Some of the schools adopted digital ways of education, which means teachers are explaining to students with the digital board, with running videos and with screen projections of the images of the videos, rather than the traditional way of teaching with chalks and blackboard. So does this way improves the quality of education? Do students learn better by following this digital way of study in school as compared to that during the traditional way of study?
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    Swati Sharma

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    There is a compulsion for every school to adapt to digital form of learning as the parents expect one step ahead of teaching to their children as some schools are digitally equipped and some have one digital class room which is rotated for all the class students. Going digital is the costly affair and small schools which charge low fees cannot afford to give digital experience and thus the parents are hesitating to put their wards in small schools. Yes the students are captivated towards video and images showing way of leaning which can be remembered and that would be registered in their minds. Through the digital way of learning there are chances to know the branches of further important matters and that would be added advantage. The digital education is designed to say more to the students and thus most captivating and easy to understand.
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    It is true that during this pandemic, online digital classroom has evolving and the classroom teaching has gone and it is important to follow such guidelines to continue our education for our students. It will take time to open the schools and classrooms, so for the time being, we need to continue our education system like this and we need support from the parents as this form of education need more understanding the students must be able to learn from topics taken by the teachers. There are some topics which needs more understanding and for that teacher must take proper attention to each student and must understand why they lack behind such topics and must follow-ups given from the side of students.
    Classroom teaching has its own improvements as the students will be able to clear the doubts by interacting with the teacher rather than in an online environment. Both the systems will need improvements and we must understand that during this pandemic cases growing, we need students to learn from the online study classroom rather than wasting time playing games etc.

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