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    Why We Should Trust GOD-POWER

    In this world, every person in his life strives for happiness, but ever thought, why does sorrow come before happiness?

    In reality there is nothing like sorrow. The one who is favorable to the mind is the happiness and the one who is unfavorable to the mind feels sorrow. So happiness and sorrow are a state of mind. That change from time to time

    This world belongs to the divine. All of us in the world are part of God. That supreme power has sent us as its share in this world, we are all his children, so God belongs to us. Everything in my Lord's world belongs to the Lord, nothing belongs to me.

    Our Lord's world cannot be a form of sorrow. God can never be a pain. It gives happiness to everyone and we enjoy.

    Connecting oneself to God only leads to a connection with God and life can be taken advantage of. In the immaturity of the intellect, the person becomes stubborn and starts saying that "what I say is true, but it should be that what I say is the truth."

    We are children of truth. So follow the truth of GOD.

    Events will come in different forms in life, but we do not have to lose faith in our God because of them.
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    We must believe in our faith in God, because we are seeing a pandemic situation which is increasing day by day. There are people who say that there is no God here and why God cannot make people not to suffer from this situation etc. God has created this world and we have to suffer good and difficult times in our lives and must move forward with good energy and spirit to overcome this situation. We believe that God tends to create situations like this and will overcome this situation.
    "Earning knowledge is by sharing it with ISC and we will rectify our mistakes."

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    Who is a God? He is nothing but a Super Power over us. All this creatures are part and parcel of Paramatma and the births are taken or given according to their karmas did in the past births. Because of that in this world one is happy and another is in sorrow. These are just because of the accumulations of Karma. This human birth is given to us out of 84 lakhs of births in the universe as last birth in which only we can justify good and bad. In this birth only we can realize what is birth and death and the karma theory. To know this we have to read some spiritual books and speeches to be heard. We should keep our mind in good things and we should get rid of bad things by our own. We have been as coming from Paramatma we should tend ourselves to reach Him back. For this we should seek His help to reduce our earlier karmas with this birth and we should not do good or bad karmas in this birth to reach Him. Otherwise we will have to fall in the birth-death cycle again and there is no meaning in worrying about our karmas later.
    God will not come in presence with his own form as we human will not believe Him and think He is an actor with costumes. He will appear before us in another human form and with his help only we cross over our problems. Every one pray God to rescue him from his problem but immediately on his prayer to God, some form of help will come to him. That is the help from God.
    For this we have to pray God always.
    One story: An unemployed graduate went to temple and openly prayed God for Rs.200 through any source to apply for a job in a big company. By hearing his prayer an elderly person decided to offer him but he was having only 150 in hand at that time. So, the person keep that amount in a cover and kept by the boy's side without his knowledge. And he continued his rounding of the shrine as he prayed and did earlier. The boy casually noticed the cover and opened with overwhelming. But by seeing Rs.150 he told God,"Oh God, thanks for your mercy. But if you decide to help me do directly as your agent took his commission of Rs.50." If we human thinks where will be the real bakthi?

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    There is supernatural power in this universe which is responsible for all the people on this earth? That power only we are calling as God. God is there everywhere. He is there in you and He is there in me also. We will not see a place where there is no God. God will encourage and help all good people and He will punish all the bad people. We all hear the epics wherein God has rescued many people from the hands of evil forces.
    Lord Krishna helped Pandavas as they also follow Dharma and seen that Kauravas will be punished. Similar Rama killed may demons and rescued all the sages. So we should have faith in God power and always be on the side of Dharma and do good works only so that we will be in the good books of God. We should not deceive any other person and we should help fellow human beings when they are in trouble.

    always confident

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    There is nothing above faith and belief. If we have faith in God then we have to have trust in him. Without trust faith has no meaning. Our bringing up since birth has been in an environment where people had faith in God and it is natural that we also pick up same traits from our family. Once these beliefs are firmed up in our mind then there is no way to change them as our whole 'I' would oppose it vehemently. So, once a thing of faith is conceived in our mind we would not agree with anyone who defies the existence of such power.
    Knowledge is power.

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    @Swati Sharma, I agree with you that God does not give pain and we should have faith in the Almighty.
    I have been experiencing this and now no matter what comes I am not panicky.
    The problem is we want everything to happen as per to our choice and thought process. If anything is not happening as per our thought we get panicky. It is due to being selfish and self-centred and just thinking the life to be revolving around us.
    If we develop the habit of introspecting then we would realise that when things are not happening as per our sweet will it the best for us. There are number of people who are associated with us and they all have their thought processes and we should respect them too.
    Enjoy what comes in the way, because it is only He (God) who is aware as to what is good and beneficial for us! Have faith that He will always see us happy and flourish not in pain and agony.

    Nadeem Naqvi

    World without God is Zero without One!

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