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    Why not open temples now?

    In India, the temple economy is a massive one that offers self-employment to thousands of people. The tourist industry in India actually thrives only because of the numerous temples. People who flock to temples in many States, prefer to stay in the good lodges in one major city and take a cab to see all the temples within a fifty-kilometer radius. There are hundreds of vegetarian hotels near the temples that also depend only on this temple traffic.

    With COVID-19, everything is gone. If the temples are allowed to open with some restrictions, like the priest keeping the prasad only in one corner and the devotees being allowed to take it through social distancing, there should be no problem. With prolonged lockdown, one is afraid, people may simply starve and die. In these circumstances, only needs divine Grace to bravely face all the challenges.

    What is wrong with opening up temples now, when we jolly well know that living with the virus is the new normal?
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    Mr ABS,
    While the people are jobless and not getting a square meal to eat, how do you expect people to visit the temples and worship our Lord who Himself closed his doors? There is no conveyance facility due to the stoppage of trains and buses. Even the senior priest of Tirupathi temple has been infected with COVID positive.

    Big temples with heavy bank balance should support the temple staff. Temple management should not expect their Hundis to be filled at this time of crisis.

    I strongly feel that temples should not be opened now. Let the Gods on earth take rest for a few more months.

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    Many of us know that the temple economy is a massive one that offers self-employment to thousands of people that include priests, hotels, florist, small tea stalls, lodges, nearby eateries and stores, religious goods store, watchmen, cleaners, sweepers, guides, photographers, etc all depend on tourist and temple visitors. When we talk about the effect of the pandemic, it has not only affected our health but even our education, finance, social gathering or functions, spending, jobs or employment, GDP, etc. With the cut in money and increase in price of commodities, people are finding it hard to buy things that are essential for them. If we are thinking about going back to God, we can do it even by sitting at home and praying for the pandemic to get over but the financial crisis is hitting hard on people. Let everything fall on the track and then talk about opening of religious places like temples, mosques, churches, etc.
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    When the temples are thrown open, surely the devotees would throng the places and expect all daily rituals to takes place. In Hyderabad the temples are opened, but what is the use, there is no activities and even the devotees are not allowed inside to make rounds and there is no theerth or prasad. The very activity of the temples are discarded and just for the sake of having darshan from far has been allowed and therefore, there cannot be activities around the temple and there is no income making works for the people depended on the temples. It would take further more days to get into active mode.
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    Temples in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are already opened. They are allowing the public to have darshan, But not Prasad will be offered to devotees in the temple. People are allowed in the temple after having a check. They are seeing the temperature and allowing only those who have a normal temperature. Mask is very important. Without a mask, nobody is allowed and no special poojas. TTD started giving online tickets for Darshan and they are issuing a limited number of tickets only per day. The central government has permitted all the temples and other places of worship all over India.
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    This is the first time in history, when devotees and God have been away for so long, but the need of the hour is that all should be safe in their homes

    A few days ago, I read a news in paper, due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, devotees of Baba Baidyanath Dham Mandir will be offered online darshan in the holy month of Sawan. The High Court has given orders regarding worship in the holy month of Sawan. Chief Justice Dr. Ravi Ranjan, Judge Sujit Narayan Prasad heard the case on Friday in the court. After listening to all the parties, the court, seeing the government's side, believed that such a big fair cannot be organized in this situation.

    It is important for people to understand that worshiping only by going to the temple is not to be associated with God. Today there will hardly be a house where God is not worshiped, then it is wise at this time to pray in your house.

    Still there are many people who are not following the Corona protocols , that is why some of temples are not open till now but there is some example also where people are follow the proper rule and going to the temple. So keep passions there will be normal day come back very soon,

    You are not get away from your God by not going to the temple

    Swati Sharma

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