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    Algebra and its use in life

    Dear All,
    Let me say this frankly. While I was in my Xth standard, my class was divided into two sections for Maths subject. One was General Mathematics, and the other was Composite mathematics. I was good at General Maths. But to pursue engineering studies, composite maths was a must. Composite maths consists of Algebra and theorem. I opted for composite maths and attended the class.

    Frankly speaking, Algebra became an allergy to me. From day one, I could not follow my teacher. I could not understand a+b, a-b, a2+b2, simplification and sins. However, fortunately, I passed in the exam with a minimum passing mark. I am yet to understand the algebra in my life.

    Here, I like to request our dear members to explain what is algebra and how it is related to our life, and in which way it helps us to solve problems. What is (a+b)*2 = a*2 +b*2 + 2ab.

    @This is my 21st-day thread beyond ISC's challenge contest.
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    Algebra was invented by Muhammed ibn Musa Al Khuwarzimi, a 9th century scholar. The word Algebra is drived from his book named Kitab Al-Jabr.

    Kitab: Book
    Al: The
    Jabr: Balancing or equation

    This pioneering work deals in practical answers concerning land distribution, rules of inheritance and salaries. He also developed the concept of Algorithm.

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    I am also a student who selected composite mathematics as my subject in High School. My mathematics teacher used to explain the subject very well. I have studied Algebra up to B.Sc. I have Mathematics is also one of the group subjects. I am not very good at mathematics. But I used to get around 70% marks in mathematics. But now I am not in touch with the latest developments in Algebra. Anyhow the necessity of this specialisation in day to day affairs of a person is very less I feel.
    always confident

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