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    Social distancing has been considered as the biggest challenge of the present time

    Social distancing has been considered as the biggest challenge of the present, some people are still not understanding its importance, in such circumstances, aware citizens are sending the message of social distancing to the common people in different ways.

    Claudia Lopez, mayor of Bogota, Colombia, launched a unique initiative to deliver the message of social distancing

    A unique way of pursuing social distancing has been found in Bogota, Colombia. People here dressed in what looked like hummingbirds and gave a message of awareness to the people. People involved in this campaign reached every corner of the city and spread their wings and told that the same gap should be between each other.

    How to make people aware that social distancing is no longer our need but a part of life ?
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    Social distancing is the word getting popular these days. Many people understood the importance of and trying to follow the same. But some places people are not following this concept. Especially the people standing before a wine shop are not caring for this. For them purchasing the bottle at the earliest is more important than their lives. This is to be changed.
    The concept explained by the author is good and we should congratulate the person who created this concept and this can be tried in India also.
    We are all using masks. Writing a slogan regarding social distancing may be a good way to make this concept popular. Similarly, on our T-shirts, we can have the slogans which will be useful to convey the same message to all. Already when we try a phone call we are hearing the message about this social distancing.

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    We all are basically gregarious and want to confide with our friends. Now we do not have any scope to do so and this is creating a stress situation in our lives. We are seeing towards social distancing as our enemy number one. Some of us are feeling that the Govt is unnecessarily forcing us to observe it. This confusion in our minds is creating a very bad example in the society as many people start thinking that there is nothing like Covid-19 and it is all a hoax.
    Knowledge is power.

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    I think for making people aware of social distancing we should practically act on the principle of the phrase "Charity Begins at Home." We should start teaching young generation by our own example. In practical knowledge like this only advice will not work. If we ourselves maintain the regulations such as social distancing, hand wash and sanitation in regular intervals, covering own face while sneezing or coughing, etc. Looking at you kids, elders and many unaware people will gradually learn these safety precautions.
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