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    Prevention is always better than cure, Most suitable phrase for Corona?

    Prevention is always better than cure. We have learned this phrase thousands of time since our childhood. But the current Corona virus spread has made us realize the true meaning of this age old phrase. The vaccine for Covid 19 is still under a suspicious stage. The medicines used for treating corona patients are not full proof. We are seeing a constant rise n the corona positive cases and also in the numbers of death due to Covid-19. In this scenario, keeping yourself safe as much as possible, is the best and wise solution.

    These observations make me realize true sense in the phrase "Prevention is better than cure". Do you find any more suitable phrases for the current situation?

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    Not only Corona. All the diseases are better to be prevented than cure. We need not wait for a disease to come and then cure. We should take all precautions so that we will maintain good health. Corona is creating havoc everywhere. When we hear news about somebody getting affected we are so worried. In Hyderabad no beds for patients and very difficult to face the situation. The private hospitals are charging a lakh per day. Common can't spend that much money and they are suffering. The Telangana government is not taking any steps to improve the situation and even getting tested is also difficult. So we should all follow the precautions to prevent the virus. Prevention is better than cure.
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    Prevention i better than cure - suits many contexts. In the Corona situation it is all the more relevant.
    But are all taking due prevention measures even after knowingthe significance?

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    "Prevention is better than cure" is a very common proverb that suits not only to prevent diseases but also many aspects of life.
    Supposing it is going to rain, and a flood is expected, it is better to shift to a better place in advance. It is the preparation to avoid something that would be bad. The proverb has become a permanent proverb to practice in our life today and every day until we find a vaccine to cure Corona.

    In Tamil, "Varumun Kaappon" (Caring before) can be in line with this proverb.

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    This saying proves to be perfect in today's situation
    No one is unaware of the frightening form of corona that is coming to us today and every person is knowing and understanding that its treatment is yet to be discovered, so it is better that we take some precautions so that Corona lost in battle and man's victory

    Keeping some things in mind, you can avoid this epidemic and protect your family and people around you.

    The World Health Organization has asked to take special care of cleanliness to combat the virus. For this, cleaning of hands has been given importance and suggested to wash hands at least five times a day.

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    It is to be noted that people who are sneezing keep a distance from them.

    Put on a mask if you go out

    Small precautions may prevent large untoward

    Take care, be healthy and keep your loved ones healthy

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    Prevention is always better than cure in every aspect. Nobody would like to invite troubles and if somehow they are troubled then only they will find a way to get rid of it. People will always try to avoid any trouble and that's why prevention is always better than cure. In the case of COVID-19, the phrase is very much suitable because there is no definite cure for it. Scientists are trying everywhere around the world to find a cure for COVID-19. When the situation is like that, we must take enough precautions to prevent ourselves from getting infected. Actually, the situation is such that after taking a lot of precautions also people are getting infected. We all should try our best by practising the preventive measures.

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