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    Seven Wonders of the world

    When we think of seven wonders, our mind goes in search of the wonders written in books viz Hanging garden, Tajmahal, etc.
    They are the book wonders of the past that no one can visit different parts of the world. And they can be seen and wondered, but not felt and wondered. Nowadays, we can see many such wonders with advanced technology. Everything is a wonder in our life. But some permanent wonders are present but we don't think of them as wonders. Here is the great God created seven wonders that can be seen in our house. They are:

    1. Your Mother
    2. Your Father
    3. Your Siblings
    4. Your Spouse
    5. You as a Father or Mother
    6. Your Children
    7. Your Grandchildren.

    Do you agree with me or agree to disagree with me?
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    I completely agree with you, and I really appreciate your thinking Life's Seven Wonders
    You have told the truth, you are looking for wonders all over the world and travel far and wide to see them but sometimes forget the wonders (FAIMILY MEMBERS ) of God which are not only wonders for us but for us as magicians.
    The wonders that bring our grief into happiness is our family

    I myself live in a joint family, so I can understand this very well that no matter what the situation is, if my family is with me then everything will be good

    The meaning of family is not limited to blood relations only. He is called a real family in which there are members of the relationship of blood as well as mutual love, reconciliation, sharing each other's happiness, sorrows, raising children properly, during times of calamity. . The family is also a link that connects human beings with culture, responsibility, society and security.

    A human is simply a witness to countless moments of success, failure, happiness and trouble. In this one word the security and trust of the entire universe breathes.

    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    Good thought. I agree with you. Really all these seven wonders of the world are God-given. We can't create them on our own. We should see them and enjoy our life with their fragrance in our life which is coming because of them. All the people may not have all the seven wonders but minimum 2 or 3 wonders will be there. People who are having all the seven wonders in their life are very lucky. We should keep all the seven wonders intact carefully and enjoy our life with their association. I am lucky I have all the seven wonders in my life and I enjoyed my life with their association. Think of these seven wonders always and be in touch with all of them.
    always confident

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    I would say they are the seven wonders of your family. Yes, they all are wonderful people and it is because of them your life becomes wonderful but that is something absolutely personal. To you, they are wonderful but to others, they may not be wonderful. But the seven wonders of the world in various ages are admired by everybody who ever went to see the wonders. In every family, you may not get the seven wonders also. In a family, if somebody does not have siblings then from your list siblings have to be omitted. If somebody is not married also then item numbers 4 to 7 of your list have to be omitted. Then you will be having only two/three wonders.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Out of the 700 crore world population, how many must have seen and enjoyed all the seven wonders of this world? It could be just less than one percent. May be seven crores or seven lakhs. Similarly, all are not fortunate to have seven wonders in their own family. We will have to accept it. Anyway, there has to be a minimum of three main wonders in a family - Father, Mother, self.

    Frankly writing. I have not seen the only one wonder among the seven wonders available to us in India. That's Tajmahal. I am yet to visit that Mahal. As a family man, I have seen the six wonders and left out with the last wonder.

    No life without Sun

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