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    Learning some languages feel like walking on a slippery slack

    I love learning new languages. I could speak Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and English at childhood. When I learnt Sanskrit in college, I felt an urge to learn more. I took an online course in German and can understand it very well. I learnt a little Marathi and can understand it well. I understand Malayalam and Kannada a little.
    But there are two languages I would love to learn. Japanese and Persian. Japanese because I am intrigued by their culture and language. I already understand Japanese phrases a fair bit. Persian because, in these lockdown days I found out Persian is the closest living relative on Sanskrit. Most of the terms we use in Hindi like Darji, Daftar, Karkhaana etc..; are all Persian words. So the languages themselves are not challenging to me.

    But languages are written as well and both of these do not have a Latin Script. We often take Latin Script for granted. But they enable us to learn any word in any language because of the familiarity we have with them. Japanese on other hand is written in Kanji, Hiragana and Kategana scripts. A person willing to learn Japanese has to somehow overrun this hurdle. That is the only way to learn it properly. Persian too, is written in modified Arabic script, making it substantially harder to learn that it is.

    Some of you might underestimate these hurdles and suggest me to look for Latin versions of these words. But that is almost impossible to find. But I found a shortcut in case of Persian.
    Tajik spoken in Tajikistan is a dialect of Persian and its vocabulary can be found in Latin alphabets.
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    Language learning will go on fast track when you need it. If there is no need we may not think it is necessary to learn other languages. I know Telugu, English and Sanskrit. But I never tried any other language. The reason being that I never stayed for a longer time in any other state My complete education and career are in the Telugu States only. That is why I never tried any other language.
    But knowing different languages is good and it will enhance your knowledge as you can read books in those languages also. My uncle went to Russia, learned the language Russian and submitted his thesis in Civil Engineering in Russian Language and he used to suggest me to learn that language. But I never tried that.

    always confident

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