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    If GOD is an abbrviated form, What is your expanded form for GOD

    God is invisible. God is omnipotent and omnipresent. No one has seen God's real form. Whether he looks like a human being or an animal being, or a shapeless body. We trust Him and worship Him, and also fear Him. We treat Him as our saviour. Let this be.

    What is the meaning of word GOD? Dictionary says -The creator and supreme ruler of the universe. I don't know how this word was derived and by whom.

    What is for discussion is - Let us presume GOD is an abbreviated form for the creator and supreme ruler of the universe. If so, What is the expanded form of G O D?

    Let us see your creative answers.
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    G stands for - generate
    O stands for - operate
    D stands for -destroy

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    This is what God calls the G-O-D generator, operator and destroyer.

    And Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh,
    One of them is called spinach, one is called the creator and one is called the destroyer.

    In the situation that arises there, people put Brahma, where there is a creator, then there is immersion, destruction, and people put Mahesh there. And there remained polarity, people kept Vishnu. - Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.

    Then they established their idols and then people even brought that to worship these idols that the three qualities in us say, Pitta, Vayu and Kapha (this is the Sattva, Raja and Tamo qualities from the sequence).

    People believe that God is upper, so if they do devotion they will get salvation. But no, no god is outside, but inside you are only your upper, you are your protector, and you are your devourer. You are whole and soul responsible for your own

    Swati Sharma

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    For me, God is the supreme power or authority that loves us as his children and take care of us. He is loving sharing, forgiving, protector, destroyer, listener, giver, producer, fighter, understanding, jealous, sacrificer, ruler, king, redeemer, etc. We all worship God be it in any form, shape, size, ways but our ultimate goal is to honour him.

    Let us ask ourself, why do we go to the temple or mosque or church or place of worship or even pray in our house for everything. We put forward our requests for the house, food to eat, financial help, good education, better facilities, We ask pardon for our and our beloved family members for the wrong they do knowingly or unknowingly, we pray to give us daily needs, good health, job, etc, We pray when there is a flood, droughts, earthquakes, wars, disputes, losses, accidents, pandemics, etc so that it passes away, we visit to give thanks for all the favour and blessing received like financial help, achievements, good health, etc. For each and everything, we would like GOD to be with us.

    So when we talk about GOD in an expanded form, we can say that he is like the air that surrounds us, the light that brightens our life, like the darkness that tells us that we need to be patient, like water that gives life to everything, like the fire that destroys if it catches and purifies that is passed through it, like the earth that nurtures everything that falls on it, like the perfume that spreads fragrances everywhere without our knowledge, like food that provides nutrients and energy to our body, like the wifi that helps us to be connected without knowing from where it comes and where it goes but we are contact 24x7, like a spy that watches our every moves without our knowledge and knows everything about us.

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    SuN keeps on shining! It brings in a lot of new thoughts into existence with it's out of box thinking ability.
    God, as all say and have already mentioned here in their comments that it is a power which manifests and destroys. According to Hinduism the philosophy of Creator Protector and Destroyer is very meaningful and has been wonderfully described by late Khushwant Singh in his short story 'Trunk of Ganesha'.
    According to other faiths of the world, God is a figureless entity which is the most powerful and can do anything, that is the reason it is God. It is human nature to rest thing on God when he/she cannot achieve them. Mostly the people rest their failure, not their achievements.
    In the end, if God is an abbreviation the what would be its full-form? I am not going through the religious scriptures but only through my meager knowledge the GOD =
    G = Get
    O = Over
    D = Desires
    It is the desires which land us into problems and if one can control his/her desires the life would be more meaningful and happy!

    Nadeem Naqvi

    World without God is Zero without One!

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    For me the expansion of G O D is something else.
    G- stands for getting into understanding
    O- stands for omni present
    D- dispose our wants
    If there is proper understanding and connectivity between you and God only the things would move in right directions. And I believe that God is present everywhere and that is the reason being so we get some immediate help through someone sent by the God when we think of during dire needs. And once the connect is established and the God knows our dire needs, then surely disposing our wants would takes place with right earnest.

    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    G for Gives
    O for opportunities
    D for development.
    God is one who gives us everything we have on this earth. So this first letter of GOD that is G stand for Gives
    God only creates opportunities for us. We have to utilise them.
    God only is responsible for our development. So we should be in his good books always so that he will bless us with development in our lives.

    Generates, operates and destroys, is the best out of all the suggested forms. I appreciate Hakimuddin Kuwakhedawala for the full form he has given to GOD. It is true that God is the generator, operator and destroyer.

    always confident

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